5 Steps to Achieve a Successful Brand Collaboration

5 Steps to Achieve a Successful Brand Collaboration - Six Degrees Society

There is nothing more satisfying than growing brand awareness and getting in front of a new audience. While typically brand collaborations are unpaid, there are huge advantages with partnering with like minded brands to create brand awareness, client acquisition and buzz for your brand. Some historic brand collaborations have happened between Doritos and Taco Bell in the creation of the Doritos Loco Taco or Spotify and Starbucks. Coming up with the right brand collaboration is a fun creative process that reaps a lot of benefits. 

5 Easy Ways to Raise Money For Your Business

5 Easy Ways to Raise Money For Your Business

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to start a business? Starting a business can financially feel very daunting. How does one build something without the money to build it? While you can definitely bootstrap your business with the money you do have saved up, you can also search for options to help you get your business off the group.

Top 10 Places to Work Remotely and Boost Your Creativity

Top 10 Places to Work Remotely and Boost Your Creativity - six degrees society

There is such a thing called a working vacation. For us, we’ve realized that the locations we work are just as inspiring to our work and over well happiness. So next time you need a burst of inspiration, think about mixing up your scenery to get your creative juices flowing. Plus, check out our list of favorite places to work and get inspired. Outside work anyone? 

5 Tips for Advocating Yourself at Work

5 Tips for Advocating Yourself at Work

It can be hard to stand out in the workforce and easy to assume that your boss has your best interests at heart and that everyone is a mind reader about what you’re working on and achieving. Like everything in your life, you have to be a self-advocate for yourself. In this article, we will share 5 tips for advocating yourself at work and how to level up at your job.

5 Advantages of Professional Networking

5 Advantages of professional networking - six degrees society

Ugh, networking, the most dreaded business word out there– well maybe taxes are the worst. While you know you should network, for personal networking and business networking purposes, I’m going to tell you why you really NEED to network and the benefits of networking. So stop scrolling professional networking sites and listen up. 

Why Should I Create Deeper Connections and How to do it

Why should I create deeper connections and how to do it - Six Degrees Society

Networking can be SO superficial and surface level. You can be passed over by someone because your name tag doesn’t show that you are an amazing potential connection. However, networking done right should be less about transactions and more about relationship building. You should build your relationship while you don’t need anything and tap it when you do. Here are my 4 favorite tips to create deeper connections.

4 Productivity Techniques to Work Smarter Not Harder

4 Productivity techniques to work smarter not harder - six degrees society

Have you ever spent hours looking at your computer just trying to figure out what the heck you need to work on? Here are our tested and true productivity techniques that we do daily to make our days that much more productive and to walk away working less time, expending less energy and working smarter not harder. 

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