#BossLady: Meet Lauren Danziger, The Underground Secret To Meatpacking’s Success

Lauren Danziger has been a mentor to me starting back when I met her in 2011. I was connected to her through the Meatpacking Business Improvement District (BID), the non-profit that Lauren runs that ensures the Meatpacking District’s business community and public realm is operating at a high level. Through my events role at Tory Burch I would attend networking events (alone) hosted by the BID, tailored to employees of businesses in the neighborhood. Lauren  and her extraordinary team work with icons like Andrew Rosen and Diane Von Furstenberg to support the business community , foster relationships and manage the district as though it was one cohesive unit.  Last year they underwent a rebranding to cement a verbal and visual identity and throughout the year she manages the public areas and the streets.  Lauren and her team make sure the area is in tip top shape (think snow storms, hurricanes, flooding, sanitation, etc). from dealing with re-cobbling of the iconic roads, to producing programing and events to highlight the offerings of the historic neighborhood.

Lauren is one of the most vibrant women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, an incredible friend and a #Bosslady in everything she does. Read about Lauren’s journey from finance to non-profit and all the that she’s experienced along the way.

The Ultimate Resource: Meet Elana Gross, Your Go To Girl For Everything

Elana Gross is a petite and energetic bundle of  smiles. Born and raised in NYC she lacks the New Yorker pessimism and harshness that often accompanies someone who has spent their life in the urban jungle. In fact, she’s quite the opposite. Elana is the ultimate cheerleader to her peers and never before have I met someone so quietly influential. Through her cunning writing and informative posts on her blog, Elana Lyn, she has become the authority for college and newly graduated women. Elana inspires her readers to challenge themselves by offering articles on career growth, recommendations on how to  live a healthier life and inspirational profiles on women in their careers.

Elana has been a friend, mentor and advocate of Six Degrees Society since day one! She has been loyal at spreading the word and helping grow our tight knit little community. When she isn’t curating content on her blog you can find Elana working a full-time job, trying out new work out classes or hanging out in Central Park. 

Ball Gowns Galore: Meet the Dressmaker Cristina Ottaviano

Cristina Ottaviano’s collection of gowns are almost as stunning as Cristina herself. Her West Village showroom highlights her current season’s collection, along with busts of custom pieces she’s working on for clients. In the past year year she has developed an impressive following including the dressing of celebrities at award shows. Read about Cristina’s incredible journey from working for other designers  to developing her own brand.

New Year, More Closet Space: Learn Tips and Tricks to Make Money and Purge

2016 is all about fresh starts and new beginnings.  To kick it off with the freshness it deserved I took a closer look at all of the stuff I had in my room, specifically my closet. My closet was bursting at the seams with barely worn product that hid the product that I did love. So pre-2016 dedicated an entire weekend to purging. I unloaded everything out of my closet and dresser and piled it on my bed (that way you can’t sleep until everything is put away). I then enlisted the help of a VERY honest friend who had me try on every item and told me to hold on or to chuck.

After several hours I had 4 large bags filled to the brim with old clothing that I used to love but was ready to let go of. Before I took it to Goodwill I reached out to Carolyn Stine who has been a pro at making money on her closet cleanses for her suggestions. Check out her feedback and tips on the do’s and don’ts of consigning used clothing in our interview below. Now go tackle your closet!

New Year, New Career: Meet the NYC Based Career Expert Jaime Petkanics Founder of The Prepary

Jaime Petkanics is the best of the best. Sure, you can call me biased. Since she did hire me back in the day at Tory Burch. Petkanics has since left her role in the HR world to help others land their dream jobs through her business the Prepary.  Through career bootcamps and tailored  one-on-one career advice, Petkanics is your go to expert in getting the preparation you need for that next career move. With her services  you will learn how to fine-tune your resume, maximize your LinkedIn profile and get the tools and guidance one can only dream of. Check out her journey from a full time to being an entrepreneur and the advice she has for job seekers. 

Wine not? Meet the New York City Wine Maker Caroline Shifflett and Founder of Chardonnay Moi

I met Caroline Shifflett in the bathroom of the Tory Burch corporate office. Between washing and drying our hands I quickly found out she was from Napa, loved wine and we had a friend date planned by the time we left the bathroom. I quickly learned that beyond her love for wine she hosts these curated wine tasting events, is the voice behind the blog Chardonnay Moi and just launched her first wine company with her brother. Back in August she led the ladies of City Society in a wine tasting teaching us the basics along with elevating the way we converse about wine. When Caroline isn’t busy working her full time job at Tory Burch you can find her hosting friends for delectable brunches and dinners and enlightening us about her newest wine discovery. 

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