By Emily Merrell Everyone has a version of sliding doors for their lives. What happens if you take the corporate job versus pursuing your musical dreams? Karolina Rose got to live both versions. After a successful career on Wall Street, Karolina and boldly moved away from finance to pursue her musical passions. Learn how this […]

By Emily Merrell  When I first joined The Assembly, I took Mariana’s “Stronger” class. After nearly collapsing from how challenging the class was, I was excited by how hard she was pushing me and I looked forward to getting stronger after each class. As I took more classes from her, we also became friends! Despite […]

By Emily Merrell The word “authenticity” has been tossed around a ton in branding – but companies are losing touch of what authenticity really is. Now let’s take the word “authentic” and apply it to you. What makes you authentic, compared to your work colleague? Authenticity can get even more lost when you mesh it […]

By Emily Merrell  Acupuncture is so much more than needles. Although it might seem intimidating, Karinn Casey makes acupuncture approachable. Through acupressure, as well as partnerships with cool women’s spaces and organizations, Karinn has demystified what acupuncture looks like. She even provides guidance on navigating pressure points to use day in and day out. If […]

By Emily Merrell  I was reminded of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping while watching a recent ‘Jane the Virgin’ episode. Jane had used tapping to quell her anxiety and I was intrigued. As serendipity would have it, I was introduced to Jackie Simek, a NYC based mindset coach who uses tapping to change lives. In […]

By Emily Merrell There’s been a lot of information out on the internet about egg freezing. It’s “easy”, it’s “quick” – but really, what actually happens during egg freezing? How quickly do people recover? Is it that easy? We’ve sat down with our friends at the Pacific Fertility Center to get the skinny on egg […]