By Emily Merrell No one ever suspects that they’ll get a life changing diagnosis, but that’s exactly what happened to Nicole Skibola. Starting as a corporate lawyer, she became the co-founder of a licensed cannabis company called Cosmic View that specializes in women’s health formulas. Nicole and her researcher mother, Christine, make the dynamic duo […]

By Emily Merrell I had never been to a physical therapist before. I thought physical therapy was for professional athletes, old people and those recovering from a surgery. But as my aches and pains started intensifying, I sought one out. My knee was popping every time I squatted and didn’t want to give up squatting […]

Lisa is the ultimate PR chic. Not only is she always fabulously dressed but she also rocks a sexy New Zealander accent. When Lisa arrived in NYC she noticed that the PR world lacked a place to connect and learn from one another, so she created one. Enter, The PR Net. The PR Net is […]

By Emily Merrell Journaling has been on my to-do list for quite some time. Sometimes I have loads to write, other days I’m not quite sure where to start. With SILK + SONDER, these monthly planners keep you on track for your personal journey. Meha Agrawal, the founder, left jobs at Stitch Fix and The […]

By Emily Merrell What do you do after stuffing your pants into a drawer and secretly praying that the dresser doesn’t explode? You call a home organizer. Enter Sara Losonci, New York City’s premier home organizer. Her charismatic and trusting personality puts you at ease as she reminds you why you don’t need four pairs […]

By Elizabeth Roberts Alyssa Petersel needed to speak with a therapist. She reached out to 30 therapists at a time, googling randomly or combing through Psychology Today. It took awhile to hear back and most of the time, that message was to say they couldn’t take on new clients. It was extremely discouraging, especially when […]