By Emily Merrell  I was reminded of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping while watching a recent ‘Jane the Virgin’ episode. Jane had used tapping to quell her anxiety and I was intrigued. As serendipity would have it, I was introduced to Jackie Simek, a NYC based mindset coach who uses tapping to change lives. In […]

By Emily Merrell There’s been a lot of information out on the internet about egg freezing. It’s “easy”, it’s “quick” – but really, what actually happens during egg freezing? How quickly do people recover? Is it that easy? We’ve sat down with our friends at the Pacific Fertility Center to get the skinny on egg […]

By Emily Merrell Remember when people looked at you like you were nuts for sticking needles in your body? Now everyone knows what acupuncture is and the problem is figuring out how to book these services and vet who is worthy of your hard earned money. Enter Rupa Health. They simplify the way you book […]

By Emily Merrell No one ever suspects that they’ll get a life changing diagnosis, but that’s exactly what happened to Nicole Skibola. Starting as a corporate lawyer, she became the co-founder of a licensed cannabis company called Cosmic View that specializes in women’s health formulas. Nicole and her researcher mother, Christine, make the dynamic duo […]

By Emily Merrell I had never been to a physical therapist before. I thought physical therapy was for professional athletes, old people and those recovering from a surgery. But as my aches and pains started intensifying, I sought one out. My knee was popping every time I squatted and didn’t want to give up squatting […]

Lisa is the ultimate PR chic. Not only is she always fabulously dressed but she also rocks a sexy New Zealander accent. When Lisa arrived in NYC she noticed that the PR world lacked a place to connect and learn from one another, so she created one. Enter, The PR Net. The PR Net is […]