By Emily Merrell  What if high school taught you about personal finance rather than algebra? It would probably yield a much more prepared adult. Fortunately, there are amazing people like Kelsey Smith who have founded organizations like Girlfunds. Rather than googling how to pay off your debt, Kelsey organizes events to empower and educate women […]

By Emily Merrell In our society bloggers and influencers are used interchangeably, sometimes not knowing the other platform exists. Elaine Rau is someone who was able to do what many cannot: turn her blog into a job! Not only does she help other bloggers get better at blogging, she started making money from her blog […]

By Emily Merrell As a 20-something in NYC, everything feels like a grind: from working out to finding friends to navigating a career. Enter Abigail Gibbons and The AG Collective. Her platform pushes ideas and thoughts beyond the status quo, challenging you to think beyond the desk job and life post-college. Find out more below!  […]

  By Emily Merrell  The most famous pivot might still be the cast of Friends bringing a couch up a flight of stairs. Yet whether you’re starting your career or you’re a mid-level, pivots happen every day. A perfect example of managing the pivot is Izabelle Azevedo. Izabelle spent a good duration of her career […]

By Emily Merrell Buying cashmere is like buying a car – you become particularly loyal to a brand once you start shopping there. Just in time for the holidays, cashmere can be found in every store by every big name brand. Yet there is something special and precious about the cashmere line Frances Austen. First […]

By Emily Merrell  Carolyn is one of the punniest people I know. Her Instagram captions are authentically her and represent a passionate love of travel, food and reading. Carolyn started sharing her Instagram with the public back in 2015. She’s evolved from a corporate employee to a digital strategist and content creator – spreading her […]