By Kerry Botensten Los Angeles is known for the Westside’s white sandy beaches with tanned surfers and Eastside’s glamorous Hollywood with ritzy 90210-ers. But let’s cover what you may not know yet. Put the top down in your (rented) Mustang convertible and cruise up the PCH to the quaint Danish town of Solvang. Google maps […]

By Krista Bo  Coffee shops aren’t just a place to get your caffeine fix anymore. It’s a place to congregate, to maintain an Instagram aesthetic, to focus, to reflect and to escape. Vibes are important to thrive, but the perfect spot can be hard to come by. Let me give you a head start: here […]

By Alexa Gavin Remember back in January when it felt like the longest month ever? So long, in fact, it became a common meme across social media? But now it’s time for Justin Timberlake “it’s gonna be May” memes and “May the Fourth be with you” jokes. I don’t know about you but I happen […]

By Shannon McLay If you’re looking to level up your finances, you might have heard of “travel hacking”. Travel hacking refers to strategically using miles and points, especially from credit card sign-up bonuses, as a way to score free or low-cost travel. But how does it actually work? Here’s what you need to know about […]

By Alexis Taylor I love showing people around this 7 x 7 city of mine, but I can only head over to Union Square or take a double decker bus tour so many times! San Francisco is such an evolving city, you can’t just stick with the basics when visiting! Everyone knows the popular stops […]

By Emily Merrell Where the ladies at? Kiss frat-tastic co-working spaces goodbye and say hello to chic, palo santo smelling spaces filled with light, love and hustle. What all of these spaces have in common is a collaborative feminine energy transforming the way we used to work. Here’s a roundup of our favorite female co-working […]