In recent years, the networking business model has been a subject of constant debate. Some may consider it as an opportunity to grow while others are still unconvinced and see it as a form of scam. So how can you offer authentic networking if you are into this? Read more as we are going to […]

By Elizabeth Roberts My feelings about money generally range from guilt for splurging to anxiety about not having enough. But last week, I confidently stepped into the box office and bought two tickets to “Crazy Rich Asians” – a romantic comedy starring a majority Asian cast. More surprising, the leading actors are both Asian: Constance […]

By Alexa Gavin As much as I enjoy the warm weather and all the amazing activities that come with it, there is one aspect of my life that inevitably suffers: my wallet. So how do we get to enjoy that unicorn pool float while also staying financially afloat?   Often times, we hear the conventional […]