By Alyson Garrido Are you as discerning in your job search as you are in your dating life? When job hunting, many of us commit quickly, brush aside bad behavior and avoid warning signs in ways we’d never do when dating. Sure, it seems different at the time, but really the phases are the same. […]

By Pinsi Lei I’ve always loved music, dance and Broadway. So much so, that when I went to college in northwest Massachusetts I would take a 6-hour bus ride to New York City, book a hostel for the night and watch a Broadway show by myself. The adrenaline rush of being in front of a […]

By Alli Clark Much of your personal growth is defined through your twenties and thirties. During these years, you thrive on independence. You’re finding your place in the world, stepping up career goals or maybe moving to a new place to begin a new journey. Whatever it is, there are a few key priorities that […]

By Todd Nielsen Leadership is a mindset that anyone can adopt or achieve, it’s not tied to a position within some hierarchy. Virtually everyone who encounters success probably achieved that leadership mindset, if even for a short time. It doesn’t always mean they sustained it. Humans are hyper-social creatures. We have evolved physically and mentally […]

By Julia Merrill The biggest problem when it comes to self-care is that all you want to do after a long day at work is collapse on the couch with Netflix and takeout. When you’re stressed and tired, you don’t necessarily have the energy or motivation to eat well or exercise. So how do you […]

By Elizabeth Roberts “When you have a passion, it’s like having a relationship.” Can you imagine writing two books in two years? It seems impossible but Hope Alcocer, author and founder of Wonder Woman Media, did just that. Her first book “Where Hope Lies” is a fictionalized novel, based off of some real events in […]