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The Coolest Work Spaces In NYC

As an entrepreneur or a member of a small business it can be hard to find a spot to call “home”. With co-working spaces popping up left and right it can be challenging to determine what spot is the right fit for your needs. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite co-working spaces and places to work in NYC and why you need to check them out. 

New Year, More Closet Space: Learn Tips and Tricks to Make Money and Purge

2016 is all about fresh starts and new beginnings.  To kick it off with the freshness it deserved I took a closer look at all of the stuff I had in my room, specifically my closet. My closet was bursting at the seams with barely worn product that hid the product that I did love. So pre-2016 dedicated an entire weekend to purging. I unloaded everything out of my closet and dresser and piled it on my bed (that way you can’t sleep until everything is put away). I then enlisted the help of a VERY honest friend who had me try on every item and told me to hold on or to chuck.

After several hours I had 4 large bags filled to the brim with old clothing that I used to love but was ready to let go of. Before I took it to Goodwill I reached out to Carolyn Stine who has been a pro at making money on her closet cleanses for her suggestions. Check out her feedback and tips on the do’s and don’ts of consigning used clothing in our interview below. Now go tackle your closet!

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