Digital Event: Connecting to Your Intuition with Kaity Modesto

Event Title: Six Degrees Society Digital Event: Connecting to Your Intuition with Kaity Modesto

What’s Happening?

Our intuition provides us with the internal guidance we need to be in alignment with our soul’s desires and create from a heart centered place. Learning to listen to our intuition helps us to follow our own paths, create without limitations, heal and find our own medicine. By strengthening our connection to our intuition, we can make more conscious decisions, feel more confident about our soul’s purpose, and create a better world around us.

This workshop will teach participants how to strengthen their ability to connect to their intuition. Participants will learn about a variety of mindful practices that they can use in their daily routine to enhance all aspects of their lives including their business, professional life, and relationships.

Strengthening our ability to connect to our intuition as women has tremendous benefits. This workshop will begin with an introduction on the topic of connecting to our intuition. Then, I will invite participants into a short meditation. After the meditation, we will ground ourselves back. Then, I will lead participants into a journaling prompt and provide tangible ways  participants can connect to their intuition in their daily routine. We will then conclude the session with a Q&A.

Curated Matches:  Before the programming aspect of the event, each guest will engage in two curated 15-minute connections, handpicked just for them, based on bios submitted pre-event via this form: or email with a copy.

Wednesday, April 5th, 2023
3:00-4:30 pm PST / 6:00-7:30pm EST

Where: Via Zoom, Link sent the morning of the event

Cost: FREE for Six Degrees Society members

About Kaity Modesto:

Kaity Modesto is a Afro-Dominicana from Washington Heights, New York City. As a Writer, Published Author and Intuitive Communicator, her mission is to deliver messages that help others move towards what is in their highest good and joy. She is a Coach Ready graduate from Fall cohort 2022.

As a communications coach, Kaity teaches clients how to embrace their inner voice so they can feel more equipped to speak up from themselves, follow their true calling, and find mindful practices that enable them to live a more joyful lifestyle. Kaity also enjoys curating events which evoke stimulating conversations, promote community building, and healing.


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Wednesday, April 5, 2023
3:00 pm PST / 6:00 pm EST


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