Digital Event: Shame Writing Workshop: Embrace Vulnerability, Transform Shame with Bryant Liggett and Erin Attaway

Event Title: Six Degrees Society Digital Event: Shame Writing Workshop: Embrace Vulnerability, Transform Shame with Bryant Liggett and Erin Attaway

What’s Happening?

Do you often find yourself burdened by feelings of shame, guilt, or embarrassment? Are there untold stories and experiences locked away within you, begging to be released? It’s time to break free from the chains of shame and embrace the healing power of writing. Welcome to our Virtual Shame Writing Workshop, where we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, compassion, and transformation.

Workshop Overview:

The Shame Writing Workshop led by The Fertility Resort Co-Founders Bryant Liggett and Erin Attaway, is an interactive and safe virtual space for participants to explore their vulnerabilities, confront their past experiences, and release the emotional baggage that has held them back. Led by experienced facilitators, this workshop aims to create a supportive community of individuals seeking to understand and transform their relationship with shame.

What to Expect:

  1. Opening Circle of Trust: We’ll begin by creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere, fostering trust and confidentiality amongst all participants. Sharing personal experiences will be encouraged but never forced.
  2. Understanding Shame: Through guided discussions and expert insights, we’ll delve into the nature of shame and how it affects our lives physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  3. Writing Prompts and Exercises: Engaging writing exercises will be provided to help you tap into your deepest emotions and memories. You’ll be encouraged to write openly, honestly, and without judgment.
  4. Embracing Vulnerability: Discover the strength and courage that lies within vulnerability. Share your writings or reflections with the group, should you feel comfortable doing so.
  5. Supportive Feedback: Participants will have the opportunity to offer positive and constructive feedback, nurturing a compassionate environment for personal growth.
  6. Cathartic Release: Release the weight of shame as you express your truth and stories through the power of the written word.
  7. Closing Ritual: We’ll conclude the workshop with a closing ritual, leaving you with a sense of empowerment, newfound perspectives, and a roadmap for continuing your healing journey.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is open to anyone who is ready to confront their shame and explore the transformative power of writing. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or have never written before, this safe and non-judgmental space is for you.

Important Notes:

  1. Participation in sharing your writing is entirely optional. You are welcome to engage at your comfort level.
  2. This workshop is not intended to replace professional therapy or counseling. It aims to complement and enhance personal growth.
  3. Respect for confidentiality is paramount. All attendees are expected to maintain the confidentiality of others’ stories shared during the workshop.

Join us at the Virtual Shame Writing Workshop and take the first step towards healing and personal liberation. Embrace your vulnerability, connect with others, and discover the cathartic power of sharing your truth through the written word. Together, we will transform shame into empowerment and authenticity.

Curated Matches:  Before the programming aspect of the event, each guest will engage in two curated 15-minute connections, handpicked just for them, based on bios submitted pre-event via this form: or email with a copy.


Tuesday, August 29th, 2023
3:00 pm PST / 6:00 pm EST

Cost: FREE for Six Degrees Society members

About Dr. Erin Taliaferro-Attaway: 

If you are reading this, then you must be experiencing some degree of infertility, or at least some degree of concern.  That’s a crappy reason for us to be together, but I am so grateful for an opportunity to help someone  who’s on a tough journey.

I’ve been practicing Chinese medicine since 2007, and I began my graduate program in 2002, just out of college.  I’ve been living the CAM way my whole adult life, pretty much, and I’ve seen amazing things as a result.  I’m an old soul, a bit old fashioned, and living a pretty unscripted life.  In all these years I have learned to relax and enjoy the ride, and I hope my methods help you navigate your path.

For years I dreamt of writing book about the conversations around having a baby, the unique circumstances and feelings each couple goes through while trying to conceive, but there was never enough time.  In life’s surprising way, I met a lady I am mad about, (in that amazing platonic friendship way), and she invited me to join her crusade and build this platform.  This incredible opportunity appeared right when I needed it.

For practitioners everywhere,  we all have so much knowledge to share but find it very challenging to get the information out to the right person at the right time.  We want to customize your experience but can’t navigate all the individual needs. One on one clinical time only goes so far, and there is still so much to do.  I hope to create a space that allows people like me, allied health professionals and fertility specialists of the CAM world, to interface with lots of people and bring all of our cumulative knowledge together to create a well rounded and thoughtful experience.

For any journey into the wild, it’s nice to have a guide, a sherpa that leads the way.  That’s how I see myself in The Fertility Resort, as a sherpa of sorts, to help you pack a better pack, travel an easier road, and support you along the way when the hard things happen.

The journey belongs to you.

About Bryant Liggett: 

Five years ago, my husband and I were so excited to start a family. But we didn’t know what we didn’t know.

We didn’t know that we were about to embark on a journey that would take seven beautiful babies away from us before we got a chance to meet them. We didn’t know that we were about to spend our entire life savings on just a chance to bring a baby earth side. We didn’t know that in order for our fertility doctors to create little miracles in their labs, they first needed healthy sperm and healthy eggs. We didn’t know that that part was going to be all on us.

We had so many questions. But I didn’t feel like I could ask them because they weren’t necessary “clinical.” I had questions like: What is an egg quality diet? What do you mean I shouldn’t touch plastic? Should I go to acupuncture? Can I have a glass of red wine?

Infertility hijacked my life. We were broke, depressed, and isolated. I was exhausted from doom scrolling fertility blogs, sliding into IVF influencers DMs, and frantically checking my IVF reddit notifications screaming “there has to be an easier way” – So I decided to make one. And the foundation of The Fertility Resort was born.

I knew immediately that I needed Erin as my co-founder. Erin was, and still is, my fertility acupuncturist. She was my fertility quarterback. My confidant. My cheerleader. My armchair therapist. The person who takes all of my doctor’s thoughts and synthesizes them down so that I can understand what the actionable items are. She helps guide me in my quest to figuring out what the next right decision is for me, my body, and my future family. She’s my coach, and if there’s anything I’ve realized over the last 5 years, it’s that everyone on this path needs an Erin.

I am so happy to be on this journey with Erin. To help bring her one-of-a-kind methods and practices to women all over the world. I know she will impact your journey just as much as she’s impacted mine.

It’s time to get started. Let’s work together to end the “I didn’t know what I didn’t know” from the Infertility Narrative, and bring home some babies, y’all!


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Tuesday, August 29, 2023
3:00 pm PST / 6:00 pm EST


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