Digital Members Only: ReWild Your Life: Harnessing the Power of your Biological Rhythms for Vibrant Energy, Metabolism, and Mood with Anna Brown

Event Title: Six Degrees Society Digital Members Only: ReWild Your Life: Harnessing the Power of your Biological Rhythms for Vibrant Energy, Metabolism, and Mood with Anna Brown

What’s Happening?

 The key to your most abundant health and wellbeing isn’t a January detox, downloading the Headspace app, or an organic meal delivery service.

What if the key was already within you, innately coded into your very cells and DNA, just waiting for you to tune in and honor it?

I hear it from my clients, in my DMs, from my friends and peers all the time . You’re tired of feeling TIRED. You’re tired of feeling disconnected from yourself – your monthly moon cycle, your body, your intuition, and your purpose.

You know it’s possible to feel better, but every time you turn to Google or Instagram, you’re overwhelmed with trends for what you “should” be eating and doing to be “healthy.” It’s overwhelming AF. But it doesn’t have to be.

This is your time. When you reclaim your unique biology, discover what’s healthy for YOU, and tap into your inner wildness, you unlock your most vibrant, healthy, and aligned self.

Your circadian rhythm so that you can get the best sleep of your life.
Your hormones and monthly cycle so you can work WITH your body instead of fighting against it.
The seasons so you can mirror nature and take time to rest, sow seeds, experience growth, and lavish in abundant harvest.
Your hunger and fullness cues so you can trust and honor your body as the ultimate guide.

This is how you come home to your body. To feel in tune with your health. To feel aligned with your purpose. To ReWild your life by doing less and feeling balanced, as nature intended.

What we’ll cover:
– How to reset your Circadian Rhythm for better sleep, metabolism, energy, and productivity
– The health benefits of nature and how to easily reconnect with nature in your own city, at home, and within yourself. No Colorado zip code needed!
– How to sync your diet, exercise, To-Do list, and self care with your monthly cycle for more ease and alignment
– Why ReWilding is the roadmap to reclaiming your health – and it doesn’t require moving to a cabin in the woods or giving up your iPhone

And SO much more.

Curated Matches:  Before the programming aspect of the event, each guest will engage in two curated 15 minute connection, handpicked just for them, based on bios submitted pre-event via this form: or email with a copy.

Wednesday, January 12, 2021 
4:30-6:30pm PST/ 6:30-8:30pm CST /7:30 -9:30pm EST

Where: Via Zoom, Link sent morning of

Cost: FREE for Six Degrees Society members

About Anna Brown:

Hi, I’m Anna. And I’m obsessed with ReWilding. As a Colorado native who found herself living in big city Brooklyn, I realized that slowing down and reconnecting with nature was what truly brought me home to myself. My life’s work is helping you harness the ancient wisdom of nature so you can live your most vibrant, healthy, and aligned life. Because you showing up as a vibrant and aligned being is how we change the world.

There was a moment on a mountaintop in Peru 6 years ago, when I realized that the fast-paced life I was living was not my own and had completely disconnected me from my body. In that moment, I decided to slow down, tune in, and listen to my intuition beckoning me back to my wild side. Fast forward to becoming a Registered Dietitian and Integrative Nutritionist, I honor the call of nature. Because it’s not just about the food that you eat. Your most vibrant health and wellness happens when you return to nature as your ultimate guide.

As a Registered Dietitian and ReWilding Coach, I help modern women reconnect with their biological rhythms and reclaim their Wild to live an abundantly aligned life. I work with clients via 1:1 coaching or my 12-week group coaching program, ReWild Reset.


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Wednesday, January 12, 2022
4:30 pm PST / 7:30 pm EST


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