What is Six Degrees Society?

We are a women’s networking group that hosts a diversified series of monthly programming for millennial young professionals. In two years Six Degrees has evolved into much more than strictly professional networking; we are now an ever-growing community of women all over the country who empower themselves and each other, are hungry to learn new skills, and are tomorrow’s game changers. 

What is our mission?

We strive to maximize your time and make connecting easier. Through a referral program all attendees are friends of friends of friends and are pre-approved by our community. We take the guesswork out of who you meet while at networking events, creating a warm and inviting environment to be the authentic version of yourself.

Who will I meet at an SDS event?

The other women at SDS inspire, advise, make introductions, and challenge you (and vice versa!) They come from all industries and roles, so no two conversations or matches will ever be the same – we believe that you can take something useful, however small, away from each interaction you have at one of our events. Our goal is to match you with someone that will help you see the world differently.

What kind of events do you host?

We host a varied selection of event, with themes changing monthly! With curated matches being the underlying basis for all of our events. Most fall into one of three categories:

Networking 101:

Two hour events of intimate groups of 15 ladies or less, four custom matches, cocktails and plenty of appetizers.  This is our signature event that we offer monthly in each city and it provides a good introduction to who we are.


We love offering our community members the chance to ask experts the questions they’ve always been dying to know but were afraid to ask or never had the opportunity to! Panel topics can range from the basics of the real estate industry to search engine optimization to a tutorial in starting your own blog and growing an Instagram following. We want everyone to leave with real-world knowledge and skills!

Activity Events and Matching:

We pair creative activities or short classes – like wine tasting, basics of self defense, floral arrangement, everything you need to know about not killing your plants – with a couple of matches so you can learn something and meet some new people at the same time!

Where are the events?

We currently host events in New York City, Chicago,  LA,  New Orleans, San Francisco, DC, Miami and Atlanta!

Why do i have to submit a bio & Are they shared?

We need your bio to create the perfect matches for you. At each event the bios are shared with all of the attendees pre-event. That way guests can study their matches and be prepared before they meet. 

What is a “match”?

A match is a one-on-one meeting with someone that was handpicked for you to meet. Each event starts out with a match of some kind, typically 2 matches at workshops and 4 matches at our signature networking events and coed events. Matches can not be requested and are handpicked by Emily Merrell. 

Are you female only or are men invited?

We are a female focused organization so our programming skews more female, however men are welcome to come to events and are especially welcome at our co-ed networking events, which are NOT dating events. 

What’s the right age to attend?

Ages range from college to late 60’s with our core demographics being late 20’s and early 30’s. All ages and perspectives are welcome! 

What if I want to organize an SDS event in my city or want to request a panel/themed event?

That’s amazing! There is nothing that we love more than expanding our community of #ladybosses and getting feedback on what you would love to learn about. Reach out to us with your idea – emily@sixdegreessociety.com.

How much does it cost to attend an SDS event?

The price of our events varies by city and programming, but they almost all range from $30-$70.

What’s The Attire: 

Be yourself! Come straight from work. Jeans are welcome! 


Membership is available on a monthly or annual basis.