April 11, 2022

Get Your Business Discovered: Meet Tiffany Coyle, Co-Founder of Twinning Pros

By Emily Merrell

You did it. You created a business, built the website – now it’s time to find clients. Yet one of the hardest parts is getting your business discovered. Enter Tiffany Coyle, co-founder of Twinning Pros, an organic marketing agency specializing in that goal. Keep reading to learn more about what it takes to build a successful business. 

Organic marketing pro Tiffany Coyle. Credit – Tiffany Coyle

SDS: As the co-founder of Twinning Pros with your sister, how has it been working on building a business together? 

TIFFANY COYLE: It’s been amazing! I love that we’ve started building a business together, and it has allowed us to stay in touch while living in two separate countries. We also bring different skills and business backgrounds to the table, so we can work really well together.

SDS: Twinning Pros offers organic marketing and PR, helping businesses get discovered online. What does organic marketing mean? 

TC: Organic Marketing means being found online without paying for ads. While ads are a great marketing tool, once you stop paying for ads, the traffic to your website stops. So if you focus on organic marketing (such as SEO, Social, & PR), you can build up your online presence and start ranking for keywords. Then when someone googles your keywords, you’ll start showing up at the top of Google, right under those paid ads.

SDS: What is one thing that every business could be doing better to get found online?

TC: Claiming your “Google my Business” and getting reviews! One of the key factors in local SEO is reviews. They play a huge role in getting found locally through search engines.

SDS: When running a business, we all wear many hats. What is the hat that you most enjoy wearing? 

TC: My favorite hat to wear for our business is website designer. I actually started designing websites when I was 15 years old in high school, so it’s become my creative outlet over the years. So when I’m feeling stressed or just need a break, I’ll pick up a graphic design project or two, and then things go back to normal.

SDS: If you were to start your business again knowing what you know now, what would you change

TC: If we could change anything about how we handled our business from the very beginning, it would be two things:

#1. Don’t discount services. I had a really hard time telling people “no” in the very beginning and didn’t want to upset friends and family. This really affected my mindset. If someone really wants to help your small business, they will pay you for what you are worth. When just starting out, most people set their rates significantly lower than the local competition, so you’re typically getting a “deal” already when working with a new business owner.

#2. Start networking sooner. The connections we’ve made with networking during COVID times have been unbelievable. Not only have we been able to meet incredible human beings, but it has been a critical part of the growth of our business. 

SDS: You offer review generation, listings management, email marketing and so much more — is there anything new coming down the pipeline at Twinning Pros?

TC: Yes! We’re super excited about something in the works that we will be launching soon! We’re working on a 1:1 coaching program where we will teach small business owners how to understand the world of marketing so that they can market their own small businesses. 

Tiffany Coyle in Norway. Credit – Tiffany Coyle

Even if a business owner wants to outsource their marketing, it’s still beneficial to understand what goes into marketing their business so they know what to expect from a marketing company when paying for services. 

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