December 8, 2021

How to Connect to Your Feminine Energy: Tips from Femininity Coach, Victoria Amiya

By Emily Merrell

The inner struggle to be an “independent” woman, instead of asking others for help, is very real. But, the answer for women everywhere might be embracing their feminine power – and asking themselves why asking for help should be considered a weakness. Victoria Amiya shares her journey of what she learned from being unaligned with her femininity to her process of becoming a femininity coach (and even attracting her vibrational match!) Read more to find out how. 

Femininity coach Victoria Amiya offers programs to deepen your connections to your body and sexuality. Credit - Victoria Amiya.
Femininity coach Victoria Amiya offers programs to deepen your connections to your body and sexuality. Credit – Victoria Amiya.

SDS: What is a femininity coach and how did you become one? 

VICTORIA AMIYA: A femininity coach is someone who helps women connect to their more feminine parts of themselves. In this society, we are encouraged to push, fight, strive and be ‘productive’ all hours of the day. This is highly exhausting and it is evident that women really struggle to let go, give themselves permission to relax and be ‘unproductive’ once in a while. This means we are constantly in our masculine. Which in time, starts affecting our connection to our bodies, relationships with our partners, and limits our capacity to attract the love we truly deserve.

I was there myself. At war with my own body and my essence of a woman, the constant need to strive for more and not allowing myself to accept help. Because a ‘strong, independent woman can do everything herself’. I had a thick armour around me that made me feel safe. So, I didn’t realize how much I was losing because of it. After years of this internal struggle, I wanted to find a more enjoyable way to live and that’s when I started my journey of reconnecting to the woman within me. 

During this time, I studied topics of sexuality, sensuality and body connection. I trained with masters of many traditions, and dived deep into the world of holistic life. This made me realise that there is a huge lack of knowledge about most important aspects of what it means to be a woman and how we can truly integrate this in the masculine driven world. I have now dedicated my life to helping women connect to their bodies and their sacred sexuality, regaining confidence and permission to desire more out of life.

SDS: What are the key things keeping women from connecting to their feminine energy? 

VA: Things that keep us from connecting to our feminine energy can look like: feeling the need to have everything ‘under control’, pushing the body to its limits, a sense of shame or guilt, not feeling the freedom to be wild or express your emotions and a desire to be ‘perfect’. 

The key here is to find the right balance and trust our bodies more. To recognize the incredible structure that our being is, and trust more in what it is intuitively telling us – instead of forcefully conditioning it to the society’s ‘pre-set standards’. It is worth remembering that NO ONE knows your body as you do. And our society doesn’t value body wisdom. But the true beauty is when a woman understands this and trusts the messages her body is sending. That connection is where the magic starts to happen.

Read more on what it means to be connected to the feminine power source here

SDS: How do you recommend starting with your feminine journey? 

VA: Get to know YOU. The real you. Deepen your relationship to your Feminine. Deepen your relationship to your inner wild woman. And, deepen your connection to your body and your desire to live a life that feels aligned with who you are.

It is rarely an easy journey but when women put the work in and start using the tools daily, the transformation is astonishing. There is nothing like a woman who radiates sensuality and femininity from within, rather than trying hard. Having someone to guide you on this journey of peeling old layers off is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to yourself.

SDS: How can women attract love into their lives?

VA: Realising your worth and treating yourself like the Feminine Power you are, is the only way to attract your vibrational match.

When we accept things, settle for less than what we deserve, or give excuses as to why ‘this is not so bad anyway’ – we are telling the Universe (and ourselves) that this is exactly what we want. And so we attract people with the same energy. 

This will keep happening over and over again until the woman chooses to say ‘nope’ and starts really working on herself from the ground up! From the deeply embedded beliefs that she grew up with and the painful lessons, life has thrown at her over the years, to daily self-sabotage that might not be as obvious as we think…

Want to open love into your life and be truly adored and cherished? Start by getting to know you. Pay attention to all the ways you might have been emasculating men and use the tools to avoid this. Being in a space where you feel safe to be yourself, supported, and loved is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Awakened Woman course is a direct route to help you get there. 

Regaining confidence with Victoria Amiya. Credit - Victoria Amiya.
Regaining confidence with Victoria Amiya. Credit – Victoria Amiya.

SDS: Talk to us about archetypes — what are they and how can they influence our journey? 

VA: Each woman embodies four archetypes within her. This means there are 4 different aspects of us and all of them are equally important. Due to social and family conditioning, we usually rely on two archetypes to run our day-to-day, completely starving ourselves from other aspects. And we lose. Because each archetype is there to serve us and make our lives so much easier.

Listen to this recording I made to understand the difference between each and how to take the best advantage. 

SDS: Lastly, where can we learn more about you and your offerings? What’s next for you? 

VA: I love hearing stories of women. Not only because it is important and wonderful to connect on a deeper level, but I’m also able to offer tools that can better their lives. Feeling the connection is key, so if we both sense it is a good match, we can start working together. Depending on what the woman needs, there are few ways to do this:

The Awakened Woman program takes them on a full journey of inner transformation. It is for a woman who wants to deepen her connection to the body and her pleasure, be in full acceptance of herself, open to receive her ideal partner (or better the relationship with the current one) and fully connect to her femininity.

The Sacred Sexuality program dives deep into the connection to sexuality, orgasmic potential. Based on tantric and Daoist teaching, the program is for a woman who is looking to find ecstatic pleasure, reignite the fire in the relationship with herself or her partner, and discover new levels of orgasmic bliss.

I am also very excited to host a retreat in Spring 2022 in Spain, and gather women into a beautiful space to support each other in their feminine journey. For more details on this, send me a personal message.

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