June 1, 2022

Intuitive Touch: Meet Eve Salcito, Boulder County Licensed Massage Therapist 

By Emily Merrell 

Imagine if we made massages a part of our lives as much as therapy and other modalities of self care. Meet Eve Salcito, a Boulder County Licensed Massage Therapist who makes it easy to say “yes” to self care. Learn more about how she launched her career in massage therapy and the benefits that could await you. 

Breaking down massage misconceptions with Eve Salcito. Credit – Valerie Noell, @theeternalchild

SDS: Can you walk us through who you are, what you do and your journey to entrepreneurship?

EVE SALCITO: I’m an intuitive, empathetic, handsy woman; aka a Licensed Massage Therapist of 17 years in Boulder County, Colorado. I grew up with my father (an innovative chiropractic physician) and mother (a gifted massage therapist) – becoming a health professional was in my blood! I watched my parents build their businesses and knew one day I wanted to work for myself. 

Over the years, I’ve massaged in wellness centers, chiropractic clinics, luxury spas, and private islands in the Caribbean. I’ve seen so many ways this industry works, but I’ve always felt that I could be most true to myself and who I am by growing my own practice slowly along the way. I’ve moved six times over the course of my career which has made it difficult to build a private practice. However, my husband and I have been in Colorado for almost six years now, and we’ve put down roots. Building my own practice has become a reality and finally showed some light this year for me. 

Prior to my leap into entrepreneurship, I managed a team of therapists and worked part-time massaging at a spa in Boulder, but during the pandemic my hours were cut. This gave me more space to manifest my full-time business. That was a positive amid all that mess. I’m grateful for the time I had to build connections with more souls who trusted my work and wanted to see me routinely. It hasn’t been easy or quick to get here, but I am finally seeing a clear path to being fully on my own by the end of 2022. 

This year, Emily, my middle school friend from South Florida, came back into my life. Not only as a friend, but now leading me and four other women in a 5-month coaching mastermind, collaborating with one another to nurture our businesses. This has been an unexpected turn for me, putting me out of my comfort zone, and somewhat forcing me to face the realities of becoming an entrepreneur and what it takes to get there. I honestly couldn’t be happier that she invited me to participate in this course, and it couldn’t have been better timing for me personally. As I watch my business grow, I am also growing and learning. 

SDS: As a Boulder County based massage therapist, what is your favorite thing about your job? 

ES: There’s nothing like this job. I absolutely love what I do. I know what it is like to get a massage – to look forward to it, to ache for it, to finally lay on the table and breathe, relax, and unwind from life’s many stressors. The fact that I knew that I wanted to do this right out of high school was a blessing – I didn’t waste any time in college, and the degree I got was for a trade that has led me to a job I’m happy in. 

I love every part of massage. From booking someone’s first appointment with me, to confirming the appointment and someone saying “I cannot wait!”, to feeling their body relax right in front of me, and seeing them in the “zone” after their massage. My clients are so amazing. They make me feel so supported and loved, as I imagine I do the same for them. It’s really a gift to do what I do, to share that with those who are open and receptive to my work, and to be a part of their healing process.

SDS: Tell us what some of the biggest misconceptions are about massages. 

ES: Massage is only good for sore muscles. While massage helps with sore and achy muscles, it can also relieve emotional stress, grief, and trauma as well.  

Clients think they need to converse with their therapist during their massage to avoid the awkward silence. Most Massage Therapists would prefer you to not talk. We don’t actually mind the silence. It makes you more present in your body and it keeps us on track with timing and honing in on your needs. This is your time, your space, and a way for you to be alone in your body. Massage is received better this way. But, by all means, please don’t hold back from communicating to us about anything related to the massage itself. 

Not really a misconception, but something I want to speak to. Wearing underwear hinders some massage techniques. We can’t effectively do broad, complete massage strokes up and down the leg, and from the back down the glutes if you wear underwear. You miss out on some really delicious low back, gluteal, and hip work to be honest! So, if those are some of your focus areas in need, I wouldn’t wear them for your next massage. (If your Massage Therapist is a professional, they will drape the sheets securely around you! But if your comfort level is to wear underwear, go for it!) 

SDS: What’s the most surprising thing about being a massage therapist? What’s delighted you the most since you’ve started? 

ES: What’s surprised me the most about being a massage therapist is how sometimes people use me as their therapist as well. I get a lot of clients who share aspects of their life on my table, and I embrace the fact that they can be vulnerable with me or have a powerful “emotional release” that is triggered by my work. Being a part of helping to release someone’s pain that has been locked up in an area in their body, and then letting go of built-up trauma, is amazing to see. I feel grateful that I can watch the body’s reaction to how trauma can be opened up and released out. 

Since I’ve started massage, I’m most delighted by the fact that I love it more now than I ever have. Working for myself has been eye opening. I love being my own boss and creating my schedule to have the time to connect with each of my clients. That was not something I was able to do working for someone else given the time constraints between appointments. The reason why I love practicing massage now more than ever is that I get to cultivate long standing, meaningful relationships with my clients. I get to participate on their paths towards their wellness goals. 

SDS: What advice do you have for individuals seeking to start their own journey as a massage therapist? 

ES: Create boundaries and take care of yourself first! Burnout can occur a few years into practicing massage. It is not only physical but can take a lot of your mental and emotional space up as well. You need to figure out how to create boundaries for yourself, whether that is how you book yourself, or how many clients you take a day. Having a proper two days off in a row, getting bodywork yourself, eating healthy, and working out to keep yourself strong helps keep that balance. 

SDS: Lastly, what exciting things are coming up in your life and business? 

ES: I’m super excited right now, albeit a little stressed. I’ve got some big transitions: closing my Erie office, moving out of our Boulder home into Lafayette, and building that space to be my sole office – all happening at the beginning of June. I’m so ready to create that for myself because I absolutely look forward to a clean slate and decorating all over again! I also love the summer – it’s so lush in Colorado and I’m looking forward to hanging out on our deck with friends, grilling, and relaxing.

I’m also going to take a massage cupping course this year and can’t wait to have that as a modality to use on my clients as well! That will help save my hands for years to come. Here’s to big things for me in 2022!

You can find more information on my Instagram and website.

Eve Salcito, Boulder County-based massage therapist. Credit – Eve Salcito

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