Mama Coaching:

Pregnancy & Maternity Planning
with Emily Merrell

My mission is to help mothers- to-be navigate their own pregnancy, maternity and postpartum journey by holding space, sound boarding and planning this next stage of life together.

In February 2021 I found out I was pregnant with my first child. While excited, I was overwhelmed with a sense of mourning of my former self. I was eager to begin my journey of motherhood, yet pregnancy brought unexpected obstacles.

6 fingers…
An extra chromosome…
Placenta Previa…
Failing the Gestational Diabetes test…
The doctor wants me to do what?
Doula or no doula?
Am I crazy to want an unmedicated childbirth?
Do I need/want a baby shower? 

The registry is daunting…

Does my nursery have to be perfect?
What books should I spend time reading?
How does maternity leave work when you’re self employed? 

Oh man, I’m a mom now. Now what?  

Who am I now? 

While I was able to piece together support and answers to questions from mom groups and close friends. I found it overwhelming navigating this new world while still grappling with who I was and who I would become? Would I still be me? 

Let’s do this together:

During our time together I will help you…

I will also be sharing ALL of my resources for baby with you from sleep training, swaddling and real life stories on what worked and didn’t work for my son.

Working together:

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