Are you ready to take your business to the next level while also creating space for ease and flow?

This five-month Mastermind hosted by Six Degrees Society Founder and Business Coach, Emily Merrell, is for ambitious womxn entrepreneurs, leaders and freelancers ready to cultivate their connections, grow and activate an engaged community and run their business as a confident leader.

This max 10-person bi-weekly 120-minute intensive is an opportunity to get action plans, insights and connectivity to a hand-selected group of like-minded individuals who are hungry to learn and provide feedback to their community.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
This four-month Mastermind hosted by Six Degrees Society is for high-level entrepreneurs, leaders and freelancers ready to show up for themselves and for others.
This 10-person bi-weekly 120-minute intensive is an opportunity to get action plans, insights and connectivity to a hand-selected group of like-minded individuals who are hungry to learn and provide feedback to their community.

You're almost there.

I see you. You’re almost there. You’ve kissed the corporate grind to create a business that offers you space, ease and FREEDOM. Your schedule is completely yours, your client roster is on your schedule, yet you feel stuck. How do you find more ease? More time? More space? So you can live that freedom that you were seeking? 

You’ve followed the rules, you’ve done everything you’re supposed to do, you’re almost to that coveted six figures, you’re on the way to now it’s time to ignite something more in you. 

You’re at a place where you’re trapped. You don’t know how to go beyond what you’ve done. It’s time to harness the elements of human connection. 

Wait, this sounds like me!

You’ve done it all.

You’ve hired a coach, you’re scaling, and now you just need some support from a group of badass individuals who “get it”.

Meeting like-minded rock stars has been hard, your friends and family still don’t really “get” what you’re working on, and you want to surround yourself with people who can give you meaningful advice.

Now Imagine.

Your weekends are filled with ease, space and play, and when you step away from your work, you’re still making money and can be present in whatever you’re focused on in the current moment.

Everyday is filled with meetings and clients on your calendar that light you up. Your clients find you easily and book you without hassle because all of your systems are in place. Sales calls go smoothly and without fear because you’re confident in your offerings and know your worth.

On your best days and your lowest days, you have connections that become a community  to  lean on that keeps encouraging you to be the best you can be. 

Incredible transformation in 5 months.

You’re going to have a strategy, plan and community to hold you accountable to your vision. 

  • Fine tuning your messaging and strategy to attract clients with ease
  • Selling with confidence and conviction and developing a style of selling that feels like an invitation versus “convincing” 
  • Owning your pricing and clarity on your offerings and the lifecycle of a client 
  • Stepping into leadership, growing a team and building confidence as a manager
  • Systems and strategies for delegating and how to do it 
  • Connections with other members of the community and strategic connections made by Emily 
  • Exposure to a wider audience through The Sixth Degree Podcast, Blog post and a SDS Event 
  • Launch strategy and tactics to get you excited about your next launch 
  • And so much more! 


Starts The week of April 18, 2022

What else does it come with?

  • 3 more private calls with Emily ($1,500)
  • 6 more private calls with Emily ($2,800)

Community & Support

Each Mastermind group will be supported
with its own personal Slack channel
dedicated to supporting one another between sessions. 

What next?

Step 1

Book a 30-minute complimentary discovery call with Emily Merrell and fill out a pre-call application so we can have a better understanding of your business.

Step 2

On our call we’ll discuss your needs and goals and determine if the Mastermind is a good fit for you.

Step 3

If your application is approved, we will reach out to you with the next steps to secure your spot.

Meet Your Coach, Emily Merrell

Hey, I’m Emily. I’m with you every step of the way as you connect your way to the top. For over 8 years it’s been my mission to spark change and growth within womxn through connections, community and coaching. I’m sharing with you my tools, my strategies and my connections to help ignite your business to the next level. It’s time for you to cross that 6 figure finish line and keep scaling while adding more ease and space into your business.

Joining the First Degree mastermind, in addition to this curated community of champions, I am your dedicated supporter and cheerleader thinking about your business as if it’s my own.


$4000 or a payment plan of
$880/month for 5 months.

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“I joined Six Degrees Mastermind group and can truly say that it was one of the most motivating experiences. I learned so many new ways to up-level my business, got clear on my strategy, and formed beautiful connections with the other business owners in the group. Truly recommend taking the leap, you will love every minute of it!”

Victoria Amiya
Intimacy coach

“Emily creates a welcoming and supportive environment for each Mastermind meeting. She has curated a space where entrepreneurs can feel safe, supported and encouraged to share both their wins and discuss their struggles, helping cultivate tangible solutions.”

Ava Ghiotti
Founder of Merchants of Beauty Inc.

“Emily has changed the course of my business, and my social life. With her support, and connections, I now have collaboration opportunities, I now have collaboration opportunities and a success group coaching program that I can run alongside my full-time job. “

Celeste Harrington
Life and Mindset coach, Fitness Program Manager


The First Degree Mastermind is a 5 month invite only business coaching mastermind led by Emily Merrell. For entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business to consistent $10k+ months, expand their reach and visibility in the world.

Are you ready to embrace community, take action and elevate your offering to the next level? Do you love helping others and offering feedback and advice? Are you ready to make consistent 5 figure months?

Through slack support, her review of your homework and 1:1 calls, Six Degrees Society and bi-weekly mastermind sessions you’ll have A LOT of access to Emily. By entering into the First Degree Mastermind, your business will always be on her mind. 

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