Founder of Six Degrees Society, a women’s networking organization that focuses in making human connections easier.
Does this sound familiar? You’re at a networking event with the sole purpose of meeting as many people as possible, when boom! You get stuck in a corner talking to a terribly nice but not terribly useful person.
Think you don't like networking? You're not alone. The term “network,” when used as a verb, intimidates the heck out of even very successful people. Emily Merrell, founder and CEO of Six Degrees Society, wants to change that.
Six Degrees Society combines the efficiency of speed dating with the intelligence of a matchmaking — with a twist — it applies to networking not dating. The matchmaker is Emily Merrell, founder of Six Degrees Society, a female-focused networking group that takes the guesswork out of networking by providing curated matches based on a convergence of personal and professional interests.
Many of us strive to be the top managers or the boss. Rising through the ranks often means better pay, autonomy, and making powerful decisions that will help lead your business or company. But what few people talk about is how lonely and isolating it can be.
I’m always on the search to meet innovative, young entrepreneurs and hear their stories. So, I feel very fortunate have been connected with Emily Merrell, the founder of a popular new business networking group for women called Six Degrees Society.
Sometimes getting that dream job requires more than just a dazzling résumé and a killer interview — sometimes it boils down to who you know. So how do you maximize your professional network and meet other people in your field who can help you get where you want to go?
If everyone is really only separated by six degrees, how come every time you try to network, you manage to meet only people with whom you have nothing in common? Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to a networking event and meet women who you actually wanted to network with and who completely got where you were coming from and what you were experiencing? Emily Merrell was sure there had to be a better way, and so, she founded the awesome Six Degrees Society:
If we accept that positive energy and enthusiasm are contagious, then it’s no wonder we’re all continuously searching for amazing people to surround ourselves with. After all, you, my dear, are already a career-driven, ambitious, and talented individual. And positivity attracts positivity, amirite?
Outgoing to the point of being in constant danger of voluntary abduction, Emily Merrell always thrived on bringing people together. As she started her career, she was eager to make connections with like-minded people to help invigorate her creative development.
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