I’m a 30 something question asker, some people call me “20 questions”. Born a natural connector I was tired of showing up at a networking event on behalf of my company. I’m so much more than my company I work for and thought it was hard for that extra personal sparkle to shine through. 

While working in the fashion industry, I dreamt up a place where individuals could come together from all industries, all backgrounds and show up who they are -- unapologetically. 

I wanted to create an experience that was friendly, familiar and full of learning. I believe that learning shouldn’t be limited to expensive classes or a sterile environment but something that happens frequently with people you want to connect with. 

Out of my frustrations Six Degrees Society was born! A place where each person you meet is handpicked just for you. Where purses are put down, business cards are left at home, wine is included in your ticket price and you can show up as you are. 

Since 2014 we’ve expanded to 10 markets across the country and continue growing. With our events averaging 25-30 attendees we’re proud to be cultivating a community that is built by the attendees. 

I look forward to meeting you at an event and helping us bring down connections from six to one. 

Hey! I’m Emily. 

xx Emily

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Networking is a dirty word. It’s dreaded, it’s intimidating and it’s the last thing you want to do. Let's change that!

SPeaking Opportunities 

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Are you done of dreaming of jumping out of your comfort zone? Let’s take the jump together. This four month program works exclusively with Emily. 

The Push You Need

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From side hustlers to corporate go-getters, check out my packages based on your needs.

Are you ready to make a change but not sure what that change is? What that business is you want to start and are getting so overwhelmed you’d rather take a nap? I’ve been there, the crippling overwhelm has you living stagnant in your life.

Well I’m here to help get you un-stuck. From taking that first step, to building a community (from scratch), problem solving and strategy is my jam. 

Learn to grow your community like I did, from 200 to over 20k subscribers! 

3 sessions = $495
5 sessions = $825
8 sessions = $1,320

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connection making

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The Push You Need (1:1 Coaching)

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Stop passing your co-workers in the hallway like you would strangers on the street. With employee turnover at an all time high, it’s time to take control of how your employees engage with one another. Gone are the days of after work happy hours-- imagine a happy hour where you got to meet someone new that you work with handpicked for you based on shared commonalities. 

Create an environment where everyone knows each other! Leave the heavy lifting to us and keep your employees happy! 

1 hour event = $1,500
2 hour event = $2,000
Speaker and food coordination = $2,700 





*up to 40 guests

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You have so much to do-- I will be your extra hand.
I know that ordering food, coordinating deliveries and creating event pages isn’t really your jam.

I've got you covered! With over 8 years in the event industry, I'm your person to take this off your plate-- so you can focus on more important things like stuff on your plate

Avoid stress knowing that your event is handled from start to finish with on-site support so you can be the hostess with the mostess.

$75/hr remote coordinating 
$150/hour on-site support  

remote coordination

on-site support

all the details

Event support

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I can't wait to learn more about your project. Fill out the form below and I'll get back to you shortly to schedule a consultation call.

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