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Become A Member

It's time to take our relationship to the next level. As a member you are part of the tribe in a more intimate way. You'll be able to come to unlimited events, member only events as well as special rates on premium events and retreats, two monthly guest passes and receive a curated email each month to someone you have not yet met.

Membership Includes: 


Members only events

2 Monthly Guest Passes

DIscounts on Retreats and Workshops


1 Career Profile Shared With The Community


Six Degrees Society is so much more than a networking group. It is one of the best ways to learn about the amazing things other women are doing both professionally and personally. And it’s all done through Emily’s masterfully curated events. From super interesting guest speakers to networking over a fitness class, she plans everything with her members in mind and the connections made are very natural as a result.
— Tracy Dungo, Founder Uno Dos Trae

The Networker 

3 month commitment, $55/month or one payment of $165

50 min Call with Emily

Moved to a new city and not quite sure how to make friends? 

Looking for a new job and clueless on where to start? Sit down with Emily and come up with a strategy to get the ball rolling and leverage the connections you have as well as learn how to make new ones. 

$90/50 minutes


The Connector 

6 month commitment, $50/month or one payment of $300

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The Mayor 

12 month commitment, $40/month or one payment of $480


1. Can Membership be shared? 

No, membership is for one person only. 

2. Can I use my membership in various cities? 

Yes, membership can be used at all of our chapters. 

3. What is a curated email intro? 

There are amazing people in all chapters you haven't had the chance yet to meet. Based on what you need in your life we can intro you to someone in another market for dinner when traveling, or a potential new client. 

4. Can I pause my membership? 

No, membership can not be paused and will expire after the 3, 6, 12 month time frame respectively. 

5. Can I go to as many events as I want? 

That's correct, you can literally go to all of the events we offer throughout the country! 

6. Why get a membership if I can buy events as I go? 

Membership is a great perk for the attendee that wants to attend multiple events per month, is able to have their company expense it and always wants to bring a friend along. Plus members will get first access to premium events like our quarterly retreats (to be announced soon). 

7. What is a career profile? 

A career profile is a series of interview questions that Emily will send you and will be shared with on the website, the newsletter and social media channels. It is a great way to spotlight your business!