September 6, 2021

Must-Do Tips for Virtual Events

By Six Degrees Society

Throughout 2020 we experienced every type of virtual networking event possible. Learning from the 200+ events we hosted, we are narrowing down the best practices on how to maximize your time at an event. Including the networking advice no one tells you.

Here are 4 must-do tips for successfully attending or hosting virtual events:

1. Camera On

Seriously, the number one must-do tip for virtual events gets overlooked more than you think. Turn your camera on to create more of a connection with the other attendees. It makes a world of difference when other attendees can see your facial expressions and you can see theirs. Having your face visible also allows you to be more present in the conversations by creating a sense of accountability from the group.  

2. Utilize the chat:

Make sure to introduce yourself in the chat including hyperlinking to your instagram/linkedin/email. Also if you see someone you want to connect with send them a direct message. It’s much easier to start a conversation than you think. 

3. Join from your computer:

You’ll get a better view of who is on the call by calling in on your computer. Seeing more faces gives you a better understanding of the atmosphere of the meeting. My favorite best practice for virtual events is taking a screenshot of the attendees to follow up individually on LinkedIn or Instagram. 

4. Touch Up Appearance:

Don’t have time to shower? Zoom has the answer for you. Use their filters to touch up your appearance. Just head over to the Zoom Settings, select Background & Filters and bam! You’re ready and presentable for your meeting.

What are your favorite virtual event best practices? Check out ours in our latest podcast episode with Robbie Samuels.

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