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Six Degrees Society NYC Presents Spring Storganizing with Shelfie

You on any given weekday: 
“I need to spend the weekend organizing & cleaning out my home.”

You on any given weekend: “Man-oh-man, this is overwhelming. Where do I start? How about my closet.”

*Opens closet door, sees tons of clothes in dry cleaning bags, shirts falling off hangers, stacks of tees toppled over, sweater sleeves hanging down from the shelf, boots and heels covering the floor...shuts closet door*

“Maybe I’ll start in the kitchen instead.”

*Opens kitchen cabinet, tupperware lid falls out and hits you in the head...closes kitchen cabinet, phones a friend, heads to the bar (or literally anywhere else).*

Sound like you? Perfect! Then you should be attending the Spring Home Storganizing event with Shelfie Founder, Sara Losonci!

Spring forward into your seasonal cleaning with confidence and finally tackle your home organizing needs.

Sara will chat about the emotional, mental and physical benefits that stem from having an organized home while providing tips and tricks on getting the process started. No matter the size of your space or the amount of clutter you’re dealing with, Shelfie offers solutions that have life changing effects. She’ll demo how to organize different spaces in the home and help you get closer to achieving your Spring Cleaning goals! Join her for a Home Organizing Boot Camp, and overcome the clutter!

But first, matches: The night will kick off with two curated connections, handpicked just for you!

When: Monday, March 26, 7pm-9pm

Where: Secret NYC Location

Food & Drink: Enjoy light bites and adult beverages throughout the night!

Cost: Early Bird-$30, Standard-$35, Day Of-$40, Free for Members