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Six Degrees Society City Guides: Hudson Valley, NY

Living in NYC can be daunting, stifling and at times frustrating. Some people find solace in weekends in the Hamptons, others travel further to Nantucket or Cape Cod. However, only a few hours north of the city are some charming places to rejuvenate. Whether you’re looking for a foodie’s paradise, a challenging hike or a leisure canoe trip the Hudson Valley has a little bit for everyone. I’ve consulted Carolyn Stine for the best things to see, experience and eat in the Hudson Valley. Want more of her pics? Check out her instagram at @Carobaker1

Six Degrees Society City Guides: Cartagena, Colombia

My first time in Cartagena was in January 2016 for our annual January girls trip. I went with several girl friends including Carolyn Stine, our official itinerary planner. To me Cartagena felt like you stumbled onto a movie set. The buildings are brightly colored with balconies adorning them and giving off a New Orleans type feel. My favorite part of the trip were the amazing street vendor offerings. The mochilla bags illuminated the street with their vibrant colors and affordable prices. In addition to doing some serious shopping we did some serious eating. The food was heavy on seafood to reflect its coastal positioning. Check out our itinerary and snaps from the pic, all courtesy of Carolyn Stine. To see more travel and food inspiration follow her @Carobaker1.

Six Degrees Society City Guides: Tulum

As many of you might realize, I love traveling. I think I’d be a pretty boring if it wasn’t for Carolyn Stine who pushes my limits when I travel and finds the most unique and “fabulous” places to eat and spots to visit. In January 2015 Carolyn, my younger sister Ali and I said goodbye to January depression and spent a week in Tulum. Tulum is an incredible little not so hidden piece of paradise a little over an hour from Cancun, Mexico. The feel is local, the lodges “eco” and  all of the restaurant’s chic but rustic.  You might run into everyone you wanted to avoid in NYC but it’s hands down one of the top 3 favorite vacations I’ve ever had. Check out what we did and note that this entire itinerary was planned by Carolyn Stine. Check out more of her photos and travels on instagram @carobaker1. 

Six Degrees Society City Guides: Nashville

In June of last year I went on a girls’ trip to Nashville. Nashville, also lovingly called “NashVegas” is a popular destination for brides and grooms to go and celebrate their upcoming nuptials. However some people come to Nashville not just for the Honky tonks and the pedal taverns but also for the food and culture. Check out our wonderful itinerary from our trip and yes we ate at ALL of those places in 3 days. At one point someone asked us, “Let me guess, bachelorette party?” In which I responded, “Nope, just came here to eat.” Check out the winning picks from Carolyn Stine below and make sure to follow her food filled insta @Carobaker1

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