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SDS NYC Event Recap: Meditation + Malas With Satya

On March 15th we hosted an intimate evening with Satya Jewelry in their West Village store. We kicked off the night munching on a decadent vegan cheese board made by Vegan East Village Restaurant, Organic Grill and curated networking. Following the one on one networking matches  Satya Scainetti led the group in a guided meditation and a mala making session focused on setting intentions. We interviewed two new Six Degrees Society attendees and got their perspective on the evening. 

1. Tell us about who you are and what you do

CHANDI: I am a freedom lover (classic Sagittarius) who believes in living in the moment. I have been working as a Physical Therapist for over a year now and have been serving patients in Manhattan.

NIKKI: I manage the insights team at Foursquare, the social check-in app turned location intelligence company. We work with agencies, marketers, developers, analysts, builders and tastemakers to help them learn how and why people dine, shop, work out, travel and generally move around the world. I'm also a yoga teacher trainee, hoping to use my certification to help fellow technologists learn to (sometimes!) unplug.

2. What did you learn from the event? 

CHANDI: There is so much more to your life! More than your mundane work, your yoga class instructor, your train buddy. So much to learn from successful people around you at spiritual, professional and personal level.

NIKKI: I loved learning how to make mala bracelets with Satya and the ladies of Six Degrees Society! The 40 day meditation we learned was easy and accessible - I'm already on day 3, and have a great accessory to show for it.

3. How did you feel before and after the event?  

CHANDI: I was nervous about stepping in a room with random people even though I knew who they were. I waited for my friend to go in with me (who btw introduced me to this event). But since she was running late and it was really cold, I just thought of going in all by myself.

It was just a good different vibe inside. Everyone was so friendly and nice. Post event I couldn't stop talking about it to my friends and family. And now I cannot wait to hangout with everyone I connected.

I also felt empowered! There is so much women can do in this society.

NIKKI: I felt really lucky to be able to meet women with a shared passion for mindfulness.

4. What type of people did you meet at the event? 

CHANDI: The best people! They were successful people with inspiring and motivating life stories.

NIKKI: I loved how diverse each woman's background was. Many of us had really different day jobs, but our shared enthusiasm for finding a forum outside of our 9-to-5's ensured we had tons to talk about.

5. What was your favorite part of the experience?  

CHANDI: My favorite part was meditation and mala/bracelet making. I have been trying to get into meditation lately and its always feels good to do it with group of beautiful people.

Also trying Vegan cheese!!!

NIKKI: I already have a new friend to join me at yoga - not to mention a brand new bracelet!

6. At Six Degrees, we love meeting people (obviously). Would you recommend us to a friend? 

CHANDI: Absolutely!!! I already did.


7. Is there a word/sentence that stuck in your mind? Why? 

CHANDI: YES! I used it twice already (I am not even kidding) - "Real living is giving."~ Satya

NIKKI: I loved that Satya encouraged us to make our bracelets slowly and mindfully, breathing in between each bead and repeating our mantras. I tend to do everything very quickly, so deliberately slowing down and taking some time on an action was a really interesting (and new!) experience for me.

8. What drew you to this event and what were your expectations going into the event?

CHANDI: Considering the fact that I love meeting people and this was somewhere I can network in a casual environment was actually what got me to this event. Plus there was substance and an added factor of meditation (to me that was cool).

NIKKI: I didn't know what to expect but was really happy with the event and look forward to coming back for more! It was a great mix of organized networking, and just getting to chat with a bunch of cool women.