The Sixth Degree Podcast

The Sixth Degree Podcast is an interview style podcast for business professionals hosted by Six Degrees Society Founder and Business Coach Emily Merrell filled with inspiring stories, actionable advice that allows you to learn from expert business leaders, founders to keep you inspired. 

Maegan Griffin, the founder of Skin Pharm, to discuss the journey of taking a concept and turning it into a successful skincare brand.
Shoshanna Raven is a leadership and business coach and founder of Living Brave. In this episode of The Sixth Degree podcast learn more about Shoshanna’s mission of freeing others from their shame and how she organically scaled a multi-million dollar business urging people to be their authentic selves.
Marni and Willa Blank are sister co-founders focused on building community through their NYC space Blank Studio and upstate airbnb Farmhouse. Both excel in their areas of expertise to attract all sort of humans within NYC.
Jennifer Teplin, Founder of Manhattan Wellness serves 100’s of local NYC women struggling with anxiety + stress, depression, self-esteem, eating disorders, love and relationships and so much more. In this episode of The Sixth Degree podcast we dive into Jennifer’s journey and experience into building her Manhattan practice as well as answer questions about working and finding a therapist.
Megan Moran, Founder of the Mompreneur Guide has always been an entrepreneur and entrepreneurship is in her blood. When it was time to say goodbye to one business Megan started another. In this episode of The Sixth Degree podcast learn more about Megan's early journey to entrepreneurship and how being a mom has inspired her next business and life purpose.
Meet Melissa Houston, a CPA and podcaster of the She Means Profit podcast. After years of working in the corporate tax world she became passionate about helping entrepreneurs manage their business finances. In this episode of The Sixth Degree podcast discover how Melissa entered the world of CPA and some easy tips and tricks to maximize your money. 
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