The Sixth Degree Podcast

The Sixth Degree Podcast is an interview style podcast for business professionals hosted by Six Degrees Society Founder and Business Coach Emily Merrell filled with inspiring stories, actionable advice that allows you to learn from expert business leaders, founders to keep you inspired. 

In this episode of The Sixth Degree Podcast meet Business Coach Kristin Brabant focused on helping her clients find and hone their zone of genius. In this episode you’ll learn Kristin’s journey to coaching and living in Mexico and how she lives the life of her dreams.
In this episode of The Sixth Degree Podcast meet Lindsey Julian a communications coach and consultant who helps mission-driven founders and executives with internal and external communications, including thought leadership and brand building. Lindsey leverages her super powers to help founders figure out their company culture and tell their founder story to create impact and legacy.
Barbara Katsnelson, the founder of The Awareness Muse talks about her evolution from real estate to coach passionate about helping others embrace their pleasure and get connected with themselves.
Alyssa Blackwell shares her multifaceted approach as a coach and delves into trusting her intuition to not niche down and her love of rescuing dogs.
In this episode we uncover meaning and understanding as we delve into Stephanie’s evaluation from Marketing Executive and the unexpected pivots that brought her to podcasting.
Just when Marcy Stoudt and her sister Alison Nissen thought they had everything figured out in their entrepreneurial journey with Revel Coach, an unexpected twist threatened to derail their progress. But how did they overcome it? Keep reading to find out.
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