The Sixth Degree Podcast

The Sixth Degree Podcast is an interview style podcast for business professionals hosted by Six Degrees Society Founder and Business Coach Emily Merrell filled with inspiring stories, actionable advice that allows you to learn from expert business leaders, founders to keep you inspired. 

Meet Emma Vollrath, founder of the athleisure product line Emma Lou. A unique design that targets water weight, reduces bloating, draws out toxins and increases fat oxidation. Learn more about her story of creating and marketing this revolutionary product.
Intuitive life and business coach Supreet Chahal taps her inner wisdom to get things done. She’s passionate in helping others do the same. In this episode you’ll learn more about the steps she took to initiate her coaching business.
Love Your Woo Community Founder, Jess Bubbico guides others on their woo journey through helping them better understand their human design, gene keys through events, workshops and coaching. In this episode you’ll learn more about the steps she took to launch her business and trust her intuition.
Serial Founder, expert communicator, human swiss army knife- Lindsey Lerner has done it all, figured it out and done it again. In this episode learn how Lindsey bet on herself and the lessons learned along the way.
Life doesn’t always go according to plans. From health obstacles to unexpected life changes like divorce and moves, Lizzie faced them all. Having overcome her own gut journey she navigated away from the chaos of a diagnosis and tackled it head on. She now helps others embrace the changes and transition in life and find their way to the other side through holistic practices.
Meet Elia Wolberger, Founder of Feed Your Sister, in this episode you’ll learn more about how she preps, shops and ensures food doesn’t go to waste while creating delicious meals that save money, energy, time and food.
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