Today's guest is Emily Oberman, Founder of Copy Edit Design and a master repurposer of all things for your business.
From stay at home mom to serial entrepreneur Jen Szpigiel created a 7 figure business called Becoming Iconic, all from the comfort of her home. In this episode Jen shares her personal story and how she helps female entrepreneurs build 6+ figure online businesses and brands.
On today’s episode Emily shares how she was able to reignite the spark in my business through delegating.
Today's guest is Heather Cloud, Founder of The Pilates Party. Heather had practiced pilates but it wasn’t until she was an adult did she truly fall in love with the practice and the results it can offer.
Today’s guest is holistic health coach, Daniella May. Daniella helps people live a more natural life taking a holistic approach on how to live their life. So turning to food as medicines, or plant based products and other modalities rather than grabbing a pill to fix your problems. In this episode we dive into how to make healthy swaps, where to get started and the healing power of essential oils.
Today’s guests are Ankita Terrell and Emily McDonald, co-founders of My Founder Circle. They share their learnings as founders and co-founders and actionable advice for those just starting out.
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