The SECOND Degree Podcast

The Second Degree Podcast is an interview style podcast for business professionals hosted by Second Degree Society Founder and Business Coach Emily Merrell filled with inspiring stories, actionable advice that allows you to learn from expert business leaders, founders to keep you inspired. 

Join Emily Merrell in a captivating conversation with musician and entrepreneur Kara Kaufmann as they explore Kara's journey from childhood piano lessons to crafting custom jingles for businesses. Delve into Kara's experience balancing music and motherhood, finding inspiration in unexpected places, and redefining success on her own terms. Tune in for an inspiring discussion on creativity, perseverance, and embracing the twists of life's journey.
Join Emily Merrell in an insightful podcast episode as she interviews Marie Cameron, the founder of Chacuter-Marie. From transitioning from a scientific career to launching her cheese and charcuterie business, Marie shares her journey, challenges, and surprising insights. Discover Marie's passion for creating meat and cheese boards, her unique approach to self-care, and her vision for the future of her business. Tune in for practical tips, reflections, and delicious cheeseboard inspiration!
Discover the inspiring journey of Victoria Saperstein, from her early passion for photography to building a successful business. Join host Emily Merrell in a candid conversation as they discuss Victoria's transition to entrepreneurship, navigating image licensing, setting boundaries, and offering valuable insights for aspiring photographers. Tune in for practical tips and heartfelt stories in this episode of The Second Degree Podcast.
Discover the inspiring journey of Meredith Wilensky as she shares her path from environmental law to holistic health coaching with Emily Merrell. Tune in to learn how Meredith overcame chronic migraines and empowers others to prioritize self-care and live aligned lives. Don't miss this transformative episode on reclaiming health and happiness.
Discover the transformative journey of Amanda Foley as she shares her path from corporate success to spiritual alignment in this insightful podcast episode with Emily Merrell. Explore the power of human design, authenticity, and navigating life's complexities with grace and wisdom.
Dive into the inspiring journey of Ariel Hoffman, from competitive figure skater to health coach, as she shares her story with Emily Merrell. From defeating Michelle Kwan to working with Shaun T, discover Ariel's insights on passion, perseverance, and overcoming perfectionism. Tune in for an empowering conversation on embracing your true calling and leading a healthier, more fulfilling life.
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