What would a society be without a few benefits? SDS Picks is all about connecting you with what our community has to offer –– including discounts, giveaways, and subscriptions!

Love beautiful wine, raising a glass with fellow Six Degrees members and giving back? Join our exclusive wine club powered by Six Degrees Club Member Heather Rader, owner of Spirit Horse Vineyards. Wines will range from Bubbles and Rosé to luscious Napa Valley Reds. All wines are discounted up to 60% off retail price while supporting equine therapy programs for Foster Girls in Napa. Exclusive discounts for members (click for details!) Raise a Glass and Let's Change the World Together...

Dehl Nutrition brings you function with soul. They offer a wide variety of high-quality products, full of functional ingredients for your body to thrive. From supplements and shakes to protein bars and powders –– Dehl is clean nutrition that you can trust. Enjoy 10% off your order with code SDS10.

Don’t quit your daydream! The Dream Sprint is a personalized growth challenge to hold you accountable and create sustainable positive change in your life so you can achieve your dreams. Take your life to the next level with 10 days free. Sign up today!

Say hello to your new favorite friend. Introducing Juna, naturally derived from hemp and other organic botanicals to release the body and engage the mind. From your morning coffee to your nightly restorative sleep, Juna is there. Enjoy 15% off your first purchase with code SDS!

Foodies come forth, this one’s for you! Imperfect delivers delicious foods right to your door at 30% less than the cost of normal grocery stores. Review each order with the opportunity to customize your cart. Get $10 off your first order when you sign up with SDS! You’ll thank us later.

Say hello to Honeybook, the seamless way to stay organized when it comes to your projects. Book clients, send invoices, get paid and never miss another opportunity to successfully get things done. Enjoy 50% off here when you sign up for your first year!

The first ever monthly planning experience that empowers you to live the life you've always wanted. Become inspired by a new theme every month with a hand-curated and designed journal –– delivered straight to your doorstep. Each month's issue includes a blend of productivity and planning, introspection and mindfulness, and lifestyle content. Get 25% off your next journal here.

Set your business up for success! Say hello to Gusto, payroll made easy. Customizable checklists to stay organized, send paperwork, file taxes, track time and more. Gusto has the right tools and services for you and your business. Sign up and get a $100 Amazon gift card!

Travel for work with style! Ametti’s mission is to help women travel better, while on-the-go for work. Curating a safe, happy and healthy lifestyle for work travel while staying feminine and stylish with high quality, artisanal products. Use the code LoveSixdegreessociety and get 20% off your first order!

It’s time to make money moves! Meet Financial Gym, your personal, one-on-one finance trainer. Working with you to meet all your financial needs; including saving & budgeting, travel hacking, debt reduction, investment education and more. Dream bigger and spend smarter with 30% off your monthly membership price when you're an SDS member!

Calling all spiritual teachers, healers, and transformation specialists. Sign up for an exclusive, two-day virtual immersion, intensive retreat with Jesse Johnson on July 11 & 12. Learn how to powerfully impact the world around you while financially succeeding.

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