Digital: Hypnotize Your Way to Great with Hypnotist Nicole Hernandez

Event Title: Six Degrees Society Digital Presents: Hypnotize Your Way to Great with Hypnotist Nicole Hernandez

What’s Happening? Learn how to easily upgrade your life during this Self-Hypnosis 101 Workshop

Did you know your subconscious mind runs the show and controls 90% to 95% of your thoughts, habits, and behaviors? If you’re conscious and subconscious are at odds, your subconscious will always win! With hypnosis, you can take back the power of your subconscious mind, and this will allow you to journey through life with more clarity and ease. 
This is for your if…
You know you have limiting beliefs that are holding you back, but you can’t seem to shake them. 
You’ve tried the whole willpower thing to reach your goals, but you’ve only had limited success. 
You’re willing to be open to a mindset tool that’s been used by shamans and ancient Egyptian priests & priestesses. 
You’ve been curious about hypnosis, but you’re still a little too afraid to try a private session. 
If this sounds like you, this is the workshop for you!
In this workshop, you’ll learn:
  • The truth about hypnosis
  • How to craft a powerful hypnotic suggestion 
  • How to use self-hypnosis to support you in everything you desire from weight loss, money mindset, stress reduction, and confidence

Curated Matches: Before we sit down for our programming, each guest will engage in two curated 15 minute connection, handpicked just for them, based on bios submitted pre-event via this form: or email with a copy.

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020 
4:30-6:30pm PST/7:30pm -9:30pm EST

Via Zoom, Link sent morning of

$25 for single ticket
FREE for Six Degrees Society members

About Nicole Hernandez:
Known as The Traveling Hypnotist, Nicole Hernandez is a double-certified hypnotist with globe-trotting tendencies. Using hypnotherapy, NLP and other mindset tools, she helps conscious high achievers unpack and overcome chronic anxiety, imposter syndrome, and sneaky self-sabotaging habits. Her clients notice profound shifts in their lives in as little as one session. 
Before stepping into her calling as a hypnotist, Nicole was a travel & tourism marketing executive for 15+ years, founded a brand consultancy, and taught fitness & yoga. After trying many healing modalities over 10 years, it was hypnosis that helped her finally manage her own chronic anxiety, gastrointestinal issues, and stress-induced alopecia. 
Her work has been featured in SUCCESS Magazine, Best Life, FemCity, Salon, PR Daily, and more. Nicole is also the host of The Daring Kind, the podcast for ordinary people who dare to live extraordinary lives. For more information, visit or find her on Facebook or Instagram at @thetravelinghypnotist.

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Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020 
4:30-6:30pm PST/7:30pm -9:30pm EST


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