3 Reasons To Hire a Coach for Yourself 

When you played sports you had a coach that helped you run faster, sharpen your skills and maximize your performance. Why wouldn’t you have a coach in your life as well? 

I’m talking about someone that guides you to understand your business, your body, your emotions. There is truly a coach for everyone and everything. So why hire a coach and what type of coach should I hire? 

How to Sell With Confidence as a Coach

We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing MANY different styles of selling over our careers.

Some coaches address every objection you have and their number one goal is to get that payment NOW over the phone, while others timidly mention they have an offer and leave it at that. There are also coaches out there that have other people sell their services on their behalf. Ultimately, there is not a one size fits all strategy that works for everyone. What might work for one individual, might not feel authentic to others. Here are 7 tips to help you sell with confidence as a coach.

How to Start a Coaching Business

Is this you?

Your friends always come to you for advice.

You love to learn and are incredibly passionate about at least one topic of area (from wellness to photography to business and beyond).

Your day job doesn’t feel right OR you’re still left feeling unfulfilled.

You love connecting with and helping people – impact lights you UP.

If you relate to two or more of the above statement, you, my friend, just might be destined to be a coach.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Work Day as a Work From Home Parent

As a new Mom I didn’t appreciate all the things Moms do until I became one myself. I remember co-workers running out at 5pm to pick up their kids from school/daycare and was baffled when they turned down the company’s happy hour. Being a Mom is hard and balancing the work commitments is just wild, heck planning a maternity leave as a solopreneur is hard too!. While there is no such thing as perfect balance there are some tips for parents to manage their children and their work. As a Mom who works from home, here is how I find some sense of normalcy.  

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