5 Ways to Maximize Your Work Day as a Work From HomeParent

As a new Mom I didn’t appreciate all the things Moms do until I became one myself. I remember co-workers running out at 5pm to pick up their kids from school/daycare and was baffled when they turned down the company’s happy hour. Being a Mom is hard and balancing the work commitments is just wild, heck planning a maternity leave as a solopreneur is hard too!. While there is no such thing as perfect balance there are some tips for parents to manage their children and their work. As a Mom who works from home, here is how I find some sense of normalcy.  

Intuitive Touch: Meet Eve Salcito, Boulder County Licensed Massage Therapist 

Imagine if we made massages a part of our lives as much as therapy and other modalities of self care. Meet Eve Salcito, a Boulder County Licensed Massage Therapist who makes it easy to say “yes” to self care. From her welcoming vibe to exceptional customer service, with a massage by Eve you are transported to a simpler time and place. Learn more about how she launched her career in massage therapy and the benefits that could await you. 

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Meet Esther Shpitalnik, Founder of ESteem Coaching

We all know that thoughts are powerful, but did you know that changing your thoughts could change your life? Meet Esther Shpitalnik who helps high EQ individuals change their lives by changing their thoughts. That means cutting out rumination, indecision and negative self talk, while focusing on the thoughts that matter. Learn more how Esther helps her clients and her journey to becoming a Success Coach.

Meet Antoinette Belson, Founder of Happy Your Space

Have you ever imagined how your space could improve? Dare we say, your space could make you happier? That’s what Antoinette Belson does. She takes your already existing space and furniture and helps “happy” it. From maximizing the space for littles while still exuding a sophisticated vibe, to helping you craft a space that gets you excited to spend time in it, Antoinette’s passion is contagious. Keep reading to learn more about Antoinette and how you can “happy” your space. 

10 Lessons I wish I had known before having my baby

Officially been a Mom a little over six months and while it turns out there is no manual on mothering, there are some lessons I wish I had learned before becoming a mom and eager to share with you. For the corporate moms, mompreneurs and those that are still figuring it out – keep reading. 

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