By Emily Merrell “Excuse me waiter: I’d like the bold wine, I mean the sweet wine, I mean the dry wine.” Explaining wine is hard! Especially to a stranger who doesn’t know you. What if learning how to articulate wine could be fun and educational? Meet Lauren Volper, founder of WineUp: the San Francisco wine […]

By Anneliese Gartner About  six months ago, I came up with the crazy idea to move abroad and leave New York City. I was infatuated with the fact that there were other creatives and freelancers that were living the remote lifestyle while traveling the world. It looked fun, exciting and it would give me the […]

  By Carolina Ramirez Herrera “Omg are you a professional traveler?” “You have the best job ever! Where do I sign up?!” If I had a dollar for every time someone DM’d something along those lines – well, I’d probably be flying first much more often. While no, I am not a professional traveler, I […]

By Alyson Garrido If you’re on the hunt for a new role, chances are you’re having lots of meetings to spread the word. While you’re meeting a variety of people, it’s important to consider your messaging and how to get the most out of each conversation. It starts with considering each person’s motivations and how […]

By Emily Merrell and Elizabeth Roberts For the month of December, we’re taking a moment to give the blog over to our members. Some are newbies, some are seasoned: all have a unique story about their time with SDS and the connections they’ve made along the way. We’re so impressed by how they’ve attended events […]

By Elizabeth Roberts  My performance review is three months away and I’m already nervous. I often hear that “Women should ask for more money” — but how much more money? What’s the balancing act with asking for other perks like working remotely, PTO, and growth opportunities both internal (becoming a project lead) and external (industry […]