I met Linda, aka The Cheeky Chef, back in July just hours before she jetted off to Italy for 72 hours. As we settled into a West Village cafe for a late lunch,right off the bat, I was drawn to her and her energy and knew we needed to work together. Any person that enjoys, eating, traveling and meeting new people, I’m a huge fan of! I told her immediately about an idea I had for an “oyster shucking” event in NYC that I had been toying with hosting later in the summer. As an “Oysters 101”, everyone would learn how to shuck their own oysters and make the classic oyster sauces… and I wanted to call it, “Go Shuck Yourself.” Linda, as a fan of mediocre puns herself, jumped on board to teach the class.

Like all great entrepreneurs, Linda didn’t start her career as a chef. She had a typical corporate job and developed an itch for something greater. Pretty soon she launched her side hustle, which has evolved into and now her full time job. Read more about Linda’s journey to becoming The Cheeky Chef and we hope to see you on August 29th for our “Go Shuck Yourself” event at Coworkrs Gowanus.