Staying productive when you have an endless list of things to get done can be a challenge when you have even more distractions in your head. We’ve all been there, especially after Monday hits and you can’t stop thinking about hometown dates on The Bachelor. I mean seriously, “WHO will be taking home that final rose??” Do you find yourself constantly trying to get things done but you end up with 50 tabs open on your computer and skimming a Buzzfeed quiz wondering what kind of pasta lover you are? Yes, these thoughts are unproductive when you’re trying to get sh*t done, so I’ve decided to come up with a few new tips and tricks to help you effectively check off that list before your mind starts wandering.

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As a yoga instructor, I talk a lot about how to balance in various poses. And as a writer, I love metaphors, many of which stem from my yoga practice. So after repeating the same cues over and over to my students, I was finally struck by the “yoganalogy” between the physical practice of balancing and that ever-elusive work/life balance we struggle to maintain in our daily lives. Feeling like you have a steady hold on life can seem impossible when juggling dreams, career goals, family and a vibrant social calendar. But whether or not you are a yoga practitioner, the following tips for how to find balance during a yoga class will help guide you towards equilibrium even off the mat amidst the hustle of everyday living.