Jenn is one of those ladies that legends are made of. “You need to meet Jenn,” Said everyone. I was told that her energy is contagious and she’s going to transform your life. All of which was true once hoping on multiple phone calls with her (we have yet to meet in person). Jenn not only is a motivational speaker but she is a leadership coach and shares all of her knowledge on her weekly podcast called the Weekly Alignment. Keep reading to learn how you too can show up in life and make it happen! 

A few years ago Six Degrees Society was called City Society and we sent only emails. And by emails I mean I kept everyone’s info stored in a spreadsheet and added additional names manually and when I had an event coming up I’d bcc everyone on one email. One day my life was changed when Pinsi Lei reached out me. She had this novel idea to use a tool called “Mailchimp” to revolutionize the way I store emails/communicate out events. 

Being the stubborn person I am it came to her setting it all up for me before I was able to accept that yes, this will make my life much much easier as will it make the life of everyone who interfaces with me. 

I was drawn to Pinsi’s ability to confidently reach out to someone and tell them how to change their thinking just as I was impressed by the business she had crafted for herself. Learn more about what inspired PInsi to get her business, Pinsi Lei Creative, off the ground as well as useful tips for those contemplating starting a business.