By Krista Bo To those who don’t know me, I’m Krista Bo. I’m a Six Degrees Society member who lives a low-carb lifestyle following the keto diet. I’ve lost 30 lbs since January 2018, as a new year’s resolution turned lifestyle shift. In a previous SDS post, I wrote about how I’ve stuck with keto, […]

By Krista Bobrowski “2018 is the year,” said my 2017 self. I was going to stick to my New Year’s resolution goals! I even made a vision board of the woman I wanted to become—healthy, happy, stylish, hard-working, proud—complete with an action plan. As for many, losing weight was one of those goals, 30lbs to […]

  By Julia Merrill Chances are that you hear about women’s health at least once a day, whether it’s a television or radio commercial, magazine article, or social media post. You get it – diet and exercise are important – but women’s health goes beyond that. The following five tips are simple ways you can […]

  By Emily Merrell When I was growing up, my dad co-founded and was the first CEO of Upledger Institute International. Headquartered in Southern Florida, it was a very forward-thinking establishment in the mid 80s. It focused on treating and teaching using a bodywork technique, developed by Dr. John E Upledger, called CranioSacral Therapy. This […]

On a diet seven days per week? Sounds difficult and so very painful! Restricting yourself to a food diet plan is indeed challenging, with so many lifestyle changes required. Nevertheless, this tough journey of living healthy is bound to leave you craving sugar and unhealthy food. I inevitably, the word “cheating” is right on top […]

A good workout can bring endorphins, exhaustion or energy (sometimes a mix of all three!) Fitness and wellness coach Elyse Sparkes believes that getting fit doesn’t have to mean measuring progress by pounds or percentages; it’s about tuning in to your body’s needs.