Have you ever met someone and known they are going to be a big part of your life? That’s how I felt when I met Jess Peterson. Peterson, a petite blonde with stunning tattoos and oversized glasses exudes quirk and confidence simultaneously. 

Through her experiences in the music world, art school and working for a non-profit she has become an innovator in the world of animation. She turned her hobby into a full time business called Mighty Oak with work being featured in Dream, Girl, Samsung, Perrier and many more. 

In addition to managing the business side of Mighty Oak she was also the co-founder of a meetup called HATCH for creative female founders to learn from one another.  

On October 25th HATCH & Six Degrees Society will be hosting an event at Coworkrs Gowanus called HATCH Hookups where each guest will get 4 curated 15 minute matches. 

For the meantime, read all about Jess’s story navigating the music industry and starting her advice for starting your own company.