By Izabelle Azevedo This always happens. December comes up and we set goals. We make promises to ourselves, our dreams and our future. And then…it all goes inside an imaginary drawer to get dusty. Other things come up. We tell ourselves we’re going to do this and change that, but never sit down to put […]

By Lily Womble You’re awesome. You have a great group of friends, a career that’s moving on up and you feel empowered in most areas of your life. But when it comes to dating, things don’t feel that put together. Why do dating apps suck so much? It’s not you, it’s science. Cognitive overload is […]

By Annie Heath If you were raised like me, it’s not okay to show up to a party, dinner, or overnight stay empty handed. I can’t tell you how many bottles of wine, cute serving platters and pounds of coffee I’ve bought over the years. I wish I had known then what I know now. […]

By Alyson Garrido Are you as discerning in your job search as you are in your dating life? When job hunting, many of us commit quickly, brush aside bad behavior and avoid warning signs in ways we’d never do when dating. Sure, it seems different at the time, but really the phases are the same. […]

How to balance and prioritize the stuff that matters to you so you can enjoy what you love in the context of an overall healthy lifestyle.

When a career offers you the flexibility to work from home, you take it.