When I was little I used to sell jewelry on the playground, hustling kids to buy my handmade hemp choker necklaces and custom friendship bracelets. Sadly I didn’t have the client demand or the vision to start my own line. Then there are people like Liliana Klein, Founder of Lili Klein Jewelry, who nurtured her love of designing jewelry as she worked an intense fashion job and completed business school. She was able to keep her passion alive through it all to ultimately turn her dream into a reality. Read her journey to becoming an entrepreneur and learn how to make jewelry with Liliana and Six Degrees Society on Tuesday, June 14th at Cuyana in Venice. 

I don’t know where to begin when describing Nur-E Rahman. She’s kind, she’s SO smiley, she’s whip smart and she’s going to make this world a better place. Nur-E has had a more unusual road to entrepreneurship than most. After years of consulting and government work she said her goodbyes and launched a jewelry line with a cause with her mom called Knotty Gal. When Nur-E isn’t working hard on her brand you can find images of her traveling the world, playing with her niece and spending time with her friends. 

Leslie Marin and I met over Instagram towards the tail end of 2015.. She had liked a photo (the power of hashtagging!) and I clicked through to her website and was blown away by the beautifully curated online shop. Naturally I reached out to learn more about the shop and was eager to see if there was a physical location to check out, we quickly decided to meet up and learn what the other person was doing. Leslie and I met for coffee and I was immediately blown away by her drive. Bleecker & Spring is Leslie’s side hustle and she somehow finds the time to balance product orders, gift bloggers and maintain her website while soaring at her demanding finance job. Learn how Leslie finds balance between her two lives.

I met the ever smiling Jessica Hendricks back in 2012 at a Tory Burch event for a book signing of Pioneers of the Possible by Angella Nazarian. We quickly connected over our admiration for strong powerful women and she casually mentioned that she had this little jewelry line that she had just launched called The Brave Collection. Three years later Jessica has become an inspiration for so many. She has created tremendous awareness for sexual trafficking of women in Cambodia (and beyond), plus she has empowered women through her elegantly crafted products. Her bracelet has been to the White House and to Vogue and touching the lives of many. Jessica is a force to be reckoned with and one of the bravest ladies I know. 

Katie Schloss is a force to be reckoned with, albeit a tiny force. Her smile is contagious and I dare you to walk away from a conversation with her uninspired and without a new connection to reach out to. Katie is the founder of Three Jane and is most known for her creation of the Map Necklace (amongst many other great products). Haven’t seen it? Pick up a cover of Martha Stewart Wedding and see it casually worn by Jennifer LawrenceAllison Williams has one too #NBD.