Some people think that having a kid slows down your game, but I’m here to scream “BULL.” My kid gives me more opportunities to talk to new people in one outing than the average person gets in an entire day.

Child-led interaction is an awesome way to connect with others, not only because it’s frickin’ cute, but because your kid takes the lead, making you the hip sidekick (#yesplease).

And before you say it, no, I’m not lazy, I’m BRILLIANT. Well, actually my kid is, but I made him so whatever. The point is, I birthed him and he helps me make new friends. Only fair, wouldn’t you say?

Networking is hard, intimidating and an energy suck. So how do you find the people that are “the right people” when you network without wasting your time. How to you keep that relationship going without losing it to an email black hole. At Six Degrees Society, as a networking group, we handpick who you meet while networking, making it as easy as possible to make a quality connection. Unfortunately not all networking situations are created equal. Below are my 5 hacks in making quality connections with the right people in any situation.