Meet Meghan Donovan, the blogger that found blogging before blogging was a thing. The Blogger is now the influencer. They are coveted by brands and are the go to for inspiration for the normal person. Meghan Donovan recently quit her corporate job, moved from San Francisco to NYC and started her own PR consulting company on top of focusing on her blogging after building wit & whimsy for 10 whole years now! 

Read how she did it and how you too can take your side hustle full-time. 

Courtney Quinn is the force behind the blog Color Me Courtney. Her Instagram, blog and Facebook updates are filled with colorful outfits from fabulous brands and smiles that look like someone told her the funniest story. Her IRL persona is just as authentic and cheerful as her posts depict, making you want to scoop her up to be your best friend or date to any outing.

Courtney recently left  her corporate job to focus on building her personal brand full-time. Her enthusiasm for her new way of life is evident in the way she illuminates when talking about all of her upcoming projects. When Courtney isn’t at fashion week you can find her in her West Village Hood or lounging with her French Bulldog Waffles. 

Elana Gross is a petite and energetic bundle of  smiles. Born and raised in NYC she lacks the New Yorker pessimism and harshness that often accompanies someone who has spent their life in the urban jungle. In fact, she’s quite the opposite. Elana is the ultimate cheerleader to her peers and never before have I met someone so quietly influential. Through her cunning writing and informative posts on her blog, Elana Lyn, she has become the authority for college and newly graduated women. Elana inspires her readers to challenge themselves by offering articles on career growth, recommendations on how to  live a healthier life and inspirational profiles on women in their careers.

Elana has been a friend, mentor and advocate of Six Degrees Society since day one! She has been loyal at spreading the word and helping grow our tight knit little community. When she isn’t curating content on her blog you can find Elana working a full-time job, trying out new work out classes or hanging out in Central Park.