By Georgene Huang It’s not uncommon. You come across the fact that a coworker is making more money than you and feel confused, angry, or both. Perhaps you were just offered your dream job but the salary or vacation time isn’t quite where you want it to be. How do you handle the situation? While […]

By Alli Clark Much of your personal growth is defined through your twenties and thirties. During these years, you thrive on independence. You’re finding your place in the world, stepping up career goals or maybe moving to a new place to begin a new journey. Whatever it is, there are a few key priorities that […]

By Elizabeth Roberts In college, IKEA furniture more than cut it on a student budget. But now that you’re an adult, maybe you’ve advanced to wanting your place to feel a bit more permanent. Whether roommates want to help spruce the place up, you’re finding a compromise on decorating with a partner or living that […]

By Elizabeth Roberts There have been many times this year when I’ve woken up, glanced through my Twitter feed and sighed, “It’s hard to be a woman in 2018.” It feels like breaking news frequently includes new #MeToo and #TIMESUP reveals. But more often than not, these stories of pain bring women together – whether […]

By Sam Vander Wielen You’re cozied up on the couch, favorite mug in hand, MacBook open and working away on your business. You’ve built a gorgeous website, you’re working on marketing strategy, and you’re trying to figure out how to stand out on social media. And you’ve heard a thing or two about legal — […]

Hope is more than your typical 30-something. By 30, she’s written two books, founded and rebranded agency and thrives on very little sleep. After a recent move from NYC to Chicago, Hope’s inspiring women in her 20’s and 30’s with her candid perspective of all the pressures associated with transitioning decades. 1. You recently turned […]