Over a year ago I experienced one of the biggest blows to my ego – I got laid off. There were so many things that ran through my mind that March morning. My feelings went back and forth between anger and sadness, But my underlying thought was, “I AM PISSED OFF.” I am a hard […]

I don’t know about you but I struggle with letting go with clothing from the past, some might call it “hoarding”. Each piece has an emotional value to it that makes it difficult to say goodbye. Enter, Phoebe Elizabeth Style Curator of your future self. Phoebe is a beautiful blonde that instead of intimidating you with her chic style and picture perfect smile, has this uncanny ability to draw you in and get you talking. Now imagine all of this happening in your closet, and as you sort through your stuff your stylish best friend guides you through the process. 

Read on to learn more about Phoebe’s journey from corporate fashion to curating closets and revamping your wardrobe. Plus, join us for a styling session with Phoebe at our Goodbye to Summer event on August 31st at Darling! 

Polly and I met back in 2007 during a semester studying abroad in Madrid. Throughout our time in Spain Polly’s stomach never quite adjusted to the gazpacho, tortilla española or late nights of drinking red wine and eating fried croquetas. When she got back from her study abroad she was diagnosed with colon cancer at the ripe age of 20. Polly luckily was able to kick cancer’s butt, however through the treatment comes hard choices about your body and sexuality. Now 8 years later and cancer free Polly is the CEO and Co-Founder behind a monthly subscription company for sex toys and accessories called Unbound Box. Read on to learn abou Polly’s incredible journey. 

Jaime Petkanics is the best of the best. Sure, you can call me biased. Since she did hire me back in the day at Tory Burch. Petkanics has since left her role in the HR world to help others land their dream jobs through her business the Prepary.  Through career bootcamps and tailored  one-on-one career advice, Petkanics is your go to expert in getting the preparation you need for that next career move. With her services  you will learn how to fine-tune your resume, maximize your LinkedIn profile and get the tools and guidance one can only dream of. Check out her journey from a full time to being an entrepreneur and the advice she has for job seekers.