Leanne Shear is hands down one of the most influential people you’ll ever meet. If it means meeting her for 5 minutes and having a great conversation or getting your a** kicked by her during a training session, she will somehow change your life. She’s one of those ladies that will force you to open up without forcing you to, relate to you and inspire you. It makes sense that she is the co-founder of Uplift Studios a women’s only #FemaleSociety of strong women. The studios offer workout classes that leave your legs like jello and your abs so sore you’ll avoid laughing for days. On top of classes, Uplift offers inspiring panels (always with wine), weekend retreats and a sense of community that’s hard to find in NYC. Earlier in 2016, Uplift launched its second chapter in LA in the chic West Hollywood neighborhood. Read on to discover more about Leanne’s journey from a hobby to a 5 year old business that continues to inspire. #Ladyboss