By Aggie Burnett When I was a doe-eyed, 20-something straight out of journalism school, my first “real” job was assisting the Beauty Director at Glamour Magazine. My position entailed answering phone calls, writing articles, interviewing makeup artists and trying the latest in makeup, skincare, fragrances and hair care. I also got pitched products. Hundreds upon […]

  By Tara Bradford I recently attended a pitch event with a client who is raising money in her seed round. One of the benefits of attending this event was the opportunity for my client to practice her pitch in front of investors and receive feedback on it. She was given one minute to pitch […]

Hope is more than your typical 30-something. By 30, she’s written two books, founded and rebranded agency and thrives on very little sleep. After a recent move from NYC to Chicago, Hope’s inspiring women in her 20’s and 30’s with her candid perspective of all the pressures associated with transitioning decades. 1. You recently turned […]

It’s become the norm to walk away from a TED talk feeling inspired. While it’s easy to think that those speeches come naturally to the activists, educators and entrepreneurs who are invited to the world-famous stage, successful public speaking often requires coaching. 

Whether you have to give a speech at your best friend’s wedding, present at a job event, or even publicly promote your side hustle, we’ve pinpointed the tips and tricks you need to nail your next speaking engagement.