There are some friendships that start in grade school and there are some friendships that start over email. For Reese and me it’s the latter. Reese and I were introduced through Elana Gross, a NYC powerhouse and writer of the blog Elana Lyn. For months Reese and I played email ping pong asking each other where we were in the world but never proactively taking the time to jump on a call or skype. One day, something changed and Reese emailed me with intention suggesting we do a webinar together. From the webinar we would have late night phone calls discussing our fears and excitement of being an entrepreneur but mostly it was an unbiased sound board. Long story short, after a successful webinar together on Yes Supply we decided to take the relationship one step further and have her visit NYC!

Reese Evans is the Founder of Yes Supply based out of Toronto and is one of the most positive and inspiring and PUT TOGETHER ladies I’ve met. I’m thrilled to have her visit NYC and share her wisdom on Mastering Your Yes! Learn more about Reese in the interview below and join us on November 15th for an in-person event at Coworkrs and Facebook Live!