By Elizabeth Roberts Mindy Kaling and Kate Hudson are having the ultimate glow up year and POPSUGAR Play/Ground didn’t sleep on hearing their secrets to success. POPSUGAR’s inaugural wellness, lifestyle and empowerment convention, June 9-10, capitalized on what thankfully has become a growing trend: women owning their success and advocating for other women. Both actresses […]

It’s an understatement to say that dating in New York City is hard. Millions of people live here and it can be difficult to find a “perfect” match – or any match that doesn’t ghost you or send unsolicited pics. Perhaps that’s why “The Psychology of Love” event with Aimee Barr was packed on Galentine’s Day, Feb. 13.

How to see it all through love-colored glasses: Insights on the delights and difficulties unique to interracial and intercultural couples. 

So he asked you to move in. Now what? Here’s the checklist!

Making friends when you’re an adult is hard. As children, we make our friends through school, our parents, and extracurricular activities, but what people don’t often talk about is how to build friendships as an adult. Here are a few tips to start growing your clique.

It’s National Siblings Day! Turns out, the brother that always picked on you may have helped you become a better adult. Who would have thought! Here are the 4 ways you are a better adult because you grew up with siblings.