By Corin Camenisch There’s a lot of competition among small businesses. Who’s going to stick around? The ones that are able to build meaningful relationships with their audience. The ones that go far beyond just offering a product – they create a brand experience that inspires loyalty in its consumers. The big question is, how […]

By Emily Merrell Have you ever felt stuck but too complacent to make a change? Meet Morganna Nickoff. After Morganna moved to NYC she left her career in aviation behind and picked up drawing, stand-up comedy and a new lease on life. Now learn how she did it so you can make changes in your […]

By Alexa Gavin Valentine’s Day is a decisive holiday; some people love it and others absolutely loathe it. To me this a great day to just feel love, whether it’s toward your partner, yourself or your friends and family. Below are easy, fun and low-budget ways to celebrate with all the people in your life! […]

By Miraya Berke Miraya Berke, founder of Pop Productions, is on a mission to create experiences that spark delight! She launched her first festival in 2016 with Dessert Goals, a dessert festival celebrating indulgence, discovery and deliciousness. Now with seven festivals under her belt, she is planning the next Dessert Goals edition, March 2019 in […]

By Emily Merrell Have you ever flipped through an issue of Vogue and thought how insanely gorgeous the pictures are? Victoria Gamlen has a vision to make sure everyone feels like they are in an issue of Vogue. Unlike standard event photography, Victoria emphasizes a whole experience where the individual gets their hair and makeup […]

By Anonymous SDS Member Every February, we see the same articles about how to celebrate romance. From “Gift guide for every relationship type” to “Where to eat on your special night” or “How to move on from your ex and celebrate Galentine’s right!” What we don’t read about are the more complicated stories, like how […]