Lona Duncan, a blonde bombshell, is a no BS businesswoman. Like many great entrepreneurs she saw a problem in the marketplace and came up with a solution; why carry a huge suitcase full of products that you will wear once when you can rent product locall?. In a day and time where nearly every product is rentable (cars, apartments, ball gowns) her company, Style Lend, allows the consumer to rent anything from a handbag to a pair of shoes from someone else’s closet.

As a current resident of NYC there is nothing worse than trying to make room for you valuable clothing in your miniscule closet. All of this is solved by Lona through her program Style Lend. Customers are able to store their clothing at her LES location and rent out their pieces to local customers. Unlike a Rent the Runway, Style Lend allows the consumer to shop previous seasons and unique pieces through the website platform.