Christina has a unique spark to her. Dare I say she might be a catalyst of sorts. After stumbling across her company, Underground Attached on Instagram, I blindly reached out to her and introduced myself. I was intrigued by Underground Unattached and more intrigued by who ran it. I received a prompt reply to my email and we scheduled a phone conversation where we talked life stories and quickly realized that Christina was a connector. As the conversation was coming to an end she told me about Feminine Weapon Day. Baffled initially by the name, I was told about this incredible annual event that Christina puts on celebrating femininity through a series of female performers with the star performer being a 90 something firecracker named Ilona Royce Smithkin and benefiting an incredible organization called Orphaned Starfish Foundation. So naturally at the end of this “intro” call, I’m eagerly signing up to be a part of the host committee and was able to participate in one of the most moving events I’ve yet had the pleasure to attend. Christina wears many hats and the one that drew me to her, as I mentioned, was Underground Unattached. She is launching her debut event in LA on March 24th. Read on to learn more about how she does it and I hope you all as lucky as I was to meet this force in person.