By Tim Fox There’s something about putting up a tent that completely beats staying in hotels – no matter how fancy they are. Here’s why you should ditch the resort and stay at a campsite instead. Spend More Time With Your Family Rather than staying in separate rooms, camping allows you to build your temporary […]

The best part about leaving home for vacation is coming back… only if you’re ready. Here are some tips for jumping back into reality.

As many of you might realize, I love traveling. I think I’d be a pretty boring if it wasn’t for Carolyn Stine who pushes my limits when I travel and finds the most unique and “fabulous” places to eat and spots to visit. In January 2015 Carolyn, my younger sister Ali and I said goodbye to January depression and spent a week in Tulum. Tulum is an incredible little not so hidden piece of paradise a little over an hour from Cancun, Mexico. The feel is local, the lodges “eco” and  all of the restaurant’s chic but rustic.  You might run into everyone you wanted to avoid in NYC but it’s hands down one of the top 3 favorite vacations I’ve ever had. Check out what we did and note that this entire itinerary was planned by Carolyn Stine. Check out more of her photos and travels on instagram @carobaker1.