By Molli Carlson Everyone deals with a lack of confidence from time to time. But when those feelings turn unshakeable and start getting in the way of personal peace of mind, it might be an indication of imposter syndrome. What is impostor syndrome? Impostor syndrome refers to the phenomenon when an individual internalizes their accomplishments, […]

By Krista Bo To those who don’t know me, I’m Krista Bo. I’m a Six Degrees Society member who lives a low-carb lifestyle following the keto diet. I’ve lost 30 lbs since January 2018, as a new year’s resolution turned lifestyle shift. In a previous SDS post, I wrote about how I’ve stuck with keto, […]

By Emily Merrell & Elizabeth Roberts For the month of December, we’re taking a moment to give the blog over to our members. Some are newbies, some are seasoned: all have a unique story about their time with SDS and the connections they’ve made along the way. We’re so impressed by how they’ve attended events […]

By Krista Bobrowski “2018 is the year,” said my 2017 self. I was going to stick to my New Year’s resolution goals! I even made a vision board of the woman I wanted to become—healthy, happy, stylish, hard-working, proud—complete with an action plan. As for many, losing weight was one of those goals, 30lbs to […]

By Izabelle Azevedo Through the course of our lives, we make decisions. Every day, all the time. But have you ever asked yourself if the decisions you’re making are truly coming from a place of consciousness? Why did you pick this particular outfit you’re wearing today? Why is your favorite color green, not blue, and […]

By Alexa Gavin Every time I scroll through my social media, I feel overwhelmed with news of friends and acquaintances sharing major life events. Whether it be a close friend or someone from my ninth grade geometry class, I am always happy and excited to see this wonderful milestone being celebrated in this person’s life. […]