Six Degrees Society Testimonials

I found Six Degrees Society at a crucial part of my career. As a starting entrepreneur, I learned of these events through another female founder, and couldn’t have been more grateful to do so. Through Emily’s highly curated ‘speed dates’ with other women in business, I was able to meet several women who connected with my interests and line of work. Some of those women went on to become more than part of my friendly network, but full-on business collaborators and clients. In fact, I can’t imagine where my business would be without meeting these talented young women. I owe Six Degrees Society quite a bit for all it’s done for me — and I’ll start by recommending it to all of you.
— Jess Peterson, Founder of Mighty Oak & Co-Founder of Hatch
Katie_Corcoran_NYC Entrepreneur
I couldn’t have found Six Degrees Society at a more optimal time in my career development! I began attending these powerful and inspiring networking events immediately when launching a Lifestyle Coaching business. The impressive women I connected with inspired me to write my first book covering how busy ladies (aka Lady Hustlers) learn how to manage work/life balance called She Makes It Work: A DIY Guide to Thrive In Your Hustle. What began as many like-minded business connections to collaborate with and learn from have now turned into life-long friends. I have Six Degrees Society to thank for introducing me to such wonderful ladies!
— Katie Corcoran, Founder and Lifestyle Coach of Katie Corcoran
Six Degrees Society is so much more than a networking group. It is one of the best ways (especially in New York) to learn about the amazing things other women are doing both professionally and personally. And it’s all done through Emily’s masterfully curated events. From super interesting guest speakers to networking over a fitness class, she plans everything with her members in mind and the connections made are very natural as a result.
— Tracy Dungo, Founder of Kalaki Riot and Kalaki Creative
What I love about Six Degrees Society is the energy created in the room when so many powerful women come together with the shared purpose of meeting and supporting each other. Six Degrees Society is a budding community of intelligence, curiosity and support as well as a fresh, efficient and enjoyable way to network.
— Jessica Hendricks, Founder of The Brave Collection
Elana Lyn Gross_Forbes_Six Degrees Society
I could write a novel about how much I love Six Degrees Society and how much of an impact it has had on my life. I have met close friends, mentors, role models, and confidants through Six Degrees Society. There is something special about Six Degrees Society that can’t be replicated. You instantly feel connected to the like-minded women at the events and, instead of small talk, people have real, authentic, meaningful conversations. The women at Six Degrees Society are supportive, energetic, vibrant, and caring. I always leave events knowing I’ll stay in touch with at least one of the women I met that night and, more often than not, all of them! There are women I meet up with for weekly coffee dates, long walks in Central Park, dinners, workout classes, and ballets. I definitely can’t say that for industry networking events I’ve attended. Emily is one of the most thoughtful people I know and she is a supper-connector. It’s so clear that she gets her energy from connecting women and making them feel included and supported. The level of care, attention, and innovation she puts into events and match-making is unparalleled. Get ready to find your friends with benefits!
— Elana Gross, Founder of Elana Lyn
Six Degrees Society is my absolute favorite networking group in NYC. What truly differentiates the group and the events is Emily’s hands-on approach. Before each event, she personally combs through everyone’s bios and matches them with other members of the group based on common interests. The combination of structured and open networking is a perfect mix and takes away that networking awkwardness that we all sometimes encounter. In addition to networking, Emily books super interesting speakers and activities. I always walk away learning something new or meeting someone new - often both!
— Jaime Petkanics, Founder of The Prepary