October 17, 2022

The best tools to run your online business

By Emily Merrell

Whether you’re working outside running your business from the comfort of your sun drenched couch or perhaps you have a more professional desk set up in your office or guest room. Running a business online is incredible. It allows you the freedom and flexibility to do your business everywhere all from your laptop. To make your online business run even more efficiently you’ll need tools to help you do just that. We all know it’s important to get organized, in this article we break down our favorite online tools for running your small business. 

Credits: @robman

Slack: Slack is an incredible tool for keeping communication organized and streamlined across your team. Think of slack like AOL’s instant messenger with gchat and together you’re able to search key words, organize by channel and have direct access to your team without sending a formal email. 

Trello: Think of Trello as the ultimate destination to keep track of all projects happening in your life. You can check in on status of what you’re team is working on, set deadlines, tag others and work collaboratively all in this one free space. There are multiple ways you can organize your trello boards, here are a few of our favorite ways. 

Gusto: Payrolling yourself from the get go not only helps you with filing taxes throughout the year it also helps your accountant file your taxes at the end of the year. This easy to use system makes it easy to on-board new employees, keep track of what you’ve paid and make your small business run that much smoother. 

Zoom: While we’re all familiar with zoom, having your own zoom account is a must. From scheduling meetings that integrate into your calendar and hosting meetings longer than 45 minutes, you’ll want to invest in zoom. 

Calendly: Stop spending time scheduling calls and make your calendar work for you. Calendly is a time saving tool that will make it easier and more efficient for you to send your link out to others to get on your calendar. 

Canva: You don’t have to hire the designer when you have Canva. Canva is a super straightforward tool that provides templates from presentations to instagram stories to help create content for your brand. 

There are thousands of tools out there, what are your favorites? 

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