October 18, 2021

Top 10 Places to Work Remotely and Boost Your Creativity

By Six Degrees Society

There is such a thing called a working vacation. For us, we’ve realized that the locations we work are just as inspiring to our work and over well happiness. So next time you need a burst of inspiration, think about mixing up your scenery to get your creative juices flowing. Tired of the stress of working from home? Check out our list of top 10 places to work remotely and get inspired. Outside work anyone? 

1. Tulum

Ready to become a digital nomad and live that fill time remote life? Tulum has become a HUB for ex-pats living the working nomad life. During the pandemic Americans flocked to Tulum for a lifestyle of health and wellness and a splash of party. This beautiful location located about one hour outside of Cancun is the perfect place to get inspired by the pristine beaches, feel zen and balanced by the local yogis and live out your remote work fantasies. 

2. Punta Mita

Punta Mita, a town located about an hour away from Puerto Vallarata is more of a vacation destination while Puerto Vallarta has become another place that Americans are finding comfort in their remote lifestyles. Warm weather, incredible surfing, what else could a remote worker want? Write that book while looking at the ocean waves rolling in. 

3. Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina is an ex-Pat mecca. Enjoy an incredible exchange rate and high quality of living while earning American dollars. Travel to nearby Uruguay for a beach weekend or go horseback riding at an estancia. Plus build your team with local Argentines. Work at a local cafe or from home — this incredible city will leave you inspired and eager to finish your work so you can make it in time for a friend’s asado! 

4. Bali

Ready to make a big life change? Bali has become one of the hottest places to work as an American. If you have an online business look no further than this tropical escape. Live in luxury while earning USD. 

5. Lake Tahoe

I have a vision of renting a cabin and writing my book while looking out at Lake Tahoe. From the fresh air to beautiful mountains. In both winter and summer Lake Tahoe is an inspiring destination to retreat, get centered and boost your creativity. 

6. Healdsburg

Work and wine go hand in hand. Befriend a local winery and set up shop to work while overlooking the vineyards. Inspiration can come with a glass of wine. Zinfandel is our favorite, what’s yours. 

7. Harbor Springs, Michigan

Michigan has the most incredible summers. Pull up a chair and set up your home office outside overlooking Lake Michigan. Get a boost of creativity by walking through the local town of Harbor Springs, Michigan. Stop for a mid-day ice cream break at Kilwins to get those creative juices flowing. 

8. Yosemite

There is nothing like nature to hit the creative reset button. Work from a campsite or cabin to get that Walden vibe of getting away from it all. There is truly nothing like the beauty of Yosemite to feel inspired. 

9. Zion

Morning hikes at beautiful Zion is another way to stay inspired and motivate you to get your work done more efficiently. The internet limited town is a place for you to do some deep work like writing or reading. 

10. Nashville

Write your next song or fuel your creativity with the musical city of Nashville. You’ll find music on nearly every street corner or cafe. 

Which one of our top 10 places to work remotely will you visit first?

What are your favorite places to work remotely and boost your creativity?

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